Jul 14, 2022

πŸ”¦✨🧞🀦‍♂️ ~ (Joe Biden C'mon Man REMIX - WTFBRAHH) “What am I doing now?”. “YOU. WALK. ON. THE. RED. CARPET.” I wanted to shout at my computer screen (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🀜NEW LOW-POLL: 18% wish Biden to Run in 2024. Approval rating sinks to historic low of 29%πŸ€›] ... Will Joe (“Super-Creepy” Hair-Smelling Pedo-type) Biden be next to be "falling"? This is when I was asking my Higher-Self last month through my holistic ND - πŸ™‹ Will there be public revelations of a larger scale this month June 2022? A YES - the person or president Joe Biden, will be revealed with a BREAKING-NEWS !. YES! Either president declared "deposed", declared "demented" or "sick of Corona" YES! (sooo it's coming)... Last week, I can't remember, I saw some of the "nasty" stuff that was leaked from Crackhead Hunter Biden AKA The Devil's Advocate's iCloud account with him and his Satan prostitutes and much more. Jesus Christ how disgusting, nauseating and even repulsive that was... As (Cosmic Light Force) are saying; πŸ“‘"You are literally watching a scripted movie, based on real life events. Yes it’s a bad & ugly movie, but necessary to break the broadcast spells & the mass formation psychosis grip. This was part of Operation Wake Up."πŸ“‘... |

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Secret Service Responds to Explosive Reported Hack of Hunter Biden’s iCloud Account - American Conservative Thinker

Here’s audio proof that Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s business dealings – Nwo Report

Biden Ignores Reporter Asking if He Will Visit Highland Park Following Deadly Fourth of July Mass Shooting (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com)

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