Oct 6, 2022

πŸ’§ ('Russia, Russia, Russia. The Hunt For Red October Was Dropped') Goodbye McDonalds | "Russian" Sub Goes Missing | 45 Comms Highlighting W. / HW / Clinton / Obama (SOTW; LISTEN TO 50 MINUTE MARKER FORWARD. PHILG HAS PROOF INSOLVENCY OF CABAL-DISNEY-MCD RUNNED WORLD'S LARGEST FAST-FOOD RESTAURANT CHAIN + FINANCIAL CRASH ETC.) ~ 6. October 2022 ~ |

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More decodes and intel from QNewsPatriot. He draws many illuminating items from recent drops, from various sources.

Note from Beverly: “Listen to the end to hear about McDonald’s going bankrupt & why!!!”

“SGAnon discusses recent comms from the commander in chief calling attention to previous administrations, as well as the insolvency of McDonalds corporation (in opinion only) and the Russian sub that “disappeared” from dock… WWG1WGA”



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