Oct 6, 2022

☢️ (Let's get down to brass tacks...) Why the fear-porn, Paul, CC-Simon & Doomsday Preppers? Russian nuclear sub gone missing & Putin to use tactical nukes hiding out in a bunker like Hitler? Re-he-he-heally? Who's your boss-man? TheWhiteHats, TheGreyHats or TheBlackHats? Charlie Ward, Head of the Global Redemption Committee, DinarChronicles rumors or Dark Alliance? Would Earth Alliance issue a dire warning and this kind of storyline? Bring it down a notch (🤦‍♂️SOTW; SRY FOLKS- SOMETIMES IT GETS TO ME! THE FEARMONGERING. I ONCE SERVED THE DANISH MILITARY. I GET IT. 'SPECIAL & SECRET OPERATIONS'. BUT ENOUGH ALREADY. ET-FRIENDS / UFOS DISARMED N.WEAPONS AFTER NUCLEAR AGE [1940s]) ~ 6. October 2022 ~ |

Sunset Of The USD
Global Realignment Underway
West In Decline; Debt Defaults/Treasury Bond Failures
BRICS Trade Union Expanding; Iran On Deck
Nordstream 2 Sabotage Intel
Baltic Pipeline; Germany Being Held Hostage
Alliance DUMB Takedowns & The Liquidity Crisis
Why The Dollar Continues To Rise
Steppes Region & Food Shortages
Red October Events

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