Oct 6, 2022

🐸 ('DARKWINTER22'. Depop., nuclear fallout & Vax. CIA/DS Nord Stream 2, XI & Putin) Mr. Ed: INTEL - Q White Hats - RED OCTOBER - COMMUNICATION SHUTDOWN (SOTW; SUPRISE. QANON MOVEMENT IS NOT ONLY USA- IT'S A WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON) ~ 6. October 2022 ~ |


Pope Francis traveled to Asia and tried to have a meeting with President XI, but was denied and turned away.

This last attempt was by the Rothschild and Rockefeller family (Obama/DS) in a mad effort to stop XI from military operations to take down the CCP regime.

Also asking XI to open up the BRICS Monetary Reserve to the Vatican banks.

But XI did not make any attempt to meet the Pope.

Within hours the Rothschilds ordered their next move to arrest XI and begin the coup and activate MSM on the arrest of XI.

Fortunately their plans had fallen a part for the moment.

As reported XI was in safe protection after the meeting with Putin.

Several CCP commanders (loyal to XI) arrested several of the military commanders who helped in the coup and stopped the full coup from escalation for now.

Sources from Putin advised XI to make an appearance on TV and counter the arrest (MSM narration) and send a message to the Deep State letting them know their attempts failed.

XI and Putin had met earlier and discussed growing blackhat U.S. military operations with UK forces killing and targeting Russian forces with drones. (and what the next steps were to counter these offenses in a major move)

A fleet of Russian and Chinese Battleships in formation were ordered to enter U.S. waters.

Just 80 miles from U.S. Alaska territory the fleet was spotted (with 2 Chinese navy war ships and 4 Russian navy vessels) and a destroyer lurking just a few miles behind. (insiders report up to 8 submarines in the vicinity)

The CIA/DS with mini military subs had long planned to explore the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.

As Biden had publicly stated before he had operations in place to bring down the pipeline without German consent.

Last week Russian subs entered the Mediterranean Sea and cut gas pipelines to France from Algeria.

The CIA counter move (of taking down Nord Stream 2 gas lines) brings the long awaited (by cabal) nuclear war even closer.

This event was planned long ago by Obama, Clintons and Davos to bring in a nuclear war through 'DARKWINTER22' classified projects.

The agenda of depopulation and nuclear fallout would connect clearly to new vaccines. (supposedly countering radiation exposure to survivors and more NWO operations)

The word is from military sources: 'COMMUNICATION SHUTDOWN EVENT'

Military is the only way.

It all leads to military intervention on 11/3.

Source: (submission from social media)

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