Aug 2, 2022

🌸🦁😘 ~ ('Your heart crystal is pulsing with Soul superradiance as the central sun sourcing your Light Body.') LionsGate Star Power! (Meg Benedicte) πŸ’• ~ |

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We are in for a momentous treat next Monday, August 8th, in a galactic Leo superwave of heart expansion. Leo the Lion governs the heart. Ruled by the Sun, Leo emphasizes the divine spark at the heart of our solar system. Leo activates the cosmic heartbeat within your heart center, the pulse of singularity, your heart’s stargate to the quantum field.

The Leo Sun is the star-power of our solar system. Leo is courageous, confident, creative and bold. While LionsGate is open, an infusion of solar power emboldens leading from the heart. As you move through this Ascension process, you are becoming the Soular Sun of your own reality. Your heart crystal is pulsing with Soul superradiance as the central sun sourcing your Light Body.

Leo Solar radiance highlights what makes you shine in the world. LionsGate infuses you with star-power from the Great Central Sun so you can fulfill your soul destiny. Take some time this week to tune inwards and reflect on why you are here on Gaia at this particular time? What makes you the star of your life? What ‘sources’ you? What makes you extraordinary? All is amplified in the solar infusion during LionsGate.

On July 28th we had a New Moon at 5° Leo, initiating new life experiences and expressions for the Light Leaders. New Moons are a time for rebirth and new beginnings. The Leo New Moon and 8-8 LionsGate provide a special opportunity to start fresh, to ignite a fire in your heart to live your life boldly and bravely.

On August 1st a powerful conjunction forms between Mars, North Node of fate and Uranus, in Taurus square Leo. Occurring during LionsGate, the stars encourage you to forge ahead, bold as a Lion to embrace your soul gifts and purpose. This is a potent time for radical awakening, transformation, and reinvention. Follow the power of your heart and live as a divine human. During 2022, the 222 divine feminine infusion of new energy ignites the birth of a new era. Are you ready to embrace your own star-power and lead with Light consciousness and heart compassion?

Lovingly, Meg

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