Aug 2, 2022

🤔🌐🔙 ~ (Okay. back to Earth.. reporting from the skies..) 'No one's gotten to the bottom of 9/11', Trump says: Where the HECK is the "SPAR19"-plane and Pelosi going❓ Songshan Airport in Taipei❓Did Joe-the-Moe really authorized CIA drone strike with Obama's "Ninja-bomb" aKa Hellfire R9X❓ A direct hit on FBI's most wanted 9/11 terrorist Zawahiri standing on his balcony in wealthy Kabul next to Danish embassy❓ Rumored dead in 2020 by asthmatic related issues❓ Was a it another VIP White Hat target and not Zawahiri❓ Biden can barely read the teleprompter❓ Why lies four US warships off island's east coast and flight tracking website goes DOWN❓Has US, Beijing and Taipei put military on high alert❓ Why is (actor) Pelosi to be honored at iconic building Taipei 101 when US doesn't acknowledge Taiwan to represent China❓ (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: So many questions, so little time. So many reasons without a rhyme... ☢️P.S. SoTW do not think for ONE second, there will be a WW3. Aaaand let me quote Steve Bassett: "Aliens turned off US and Russian missiles: The ETs come down and hover a craft over a nuclear site and turn all the missiles off.". That said, there could be a MAJOR WH vs. BH event in Taiwan area. Perhaps nothing like The Russo-Ukrainian War - but some "special operations" like Mr. Putin (the 2nd clone) is conducting... |


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 [👉'9/11 WTC was the biggest gold heist in history $300 billion in bars. Stopping G/NESARA rollout. Eliminating any evidence and audit depart. Making warlords & Military–industrial complex superrich. 2001 was beginning of fake-muslim-terror FF ops.' ~ SoTW👈]

Blogger: .. Let me repeat it once again; you cannot TRUST ANYTHING that comes from the Mainstream media... 🤦‍♂️No one in their right mind should believe, that FBI most-wanted al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was killed by a CIA airstrike in Afghanistan over the weekend by surprise attack after he was drinking to many Piña Coladas, thinking of 72 virgins waiting for anyone in Paradise and repeatedly showed himself on his balcony! Hiding in plain sight - living among the common folks for years after years??. 🙋Did Ayman al-Zawahiri inspired Bin Laden to attack the US or was he on CIA's payroll? ✍️ British journalist Jason Burke wrote: "Al-Zawahiri ran his own operation during the Afghan war, bringing in and training volunteers from the Middle East. Some of the $500 million the CIA poured into Afghanistan reached his group.". 🧾A CIA Document proves Osama bin Laden was CIA asset Tim Osman and 9/11 was an inside job. That the Air Force had been ordered to stand down, and that Dick Cheney was at the center of this operation. 🏫 How Pres. George W Bush (+ papa + granpa = Rise of the 4th Reich) and the US govt responded to the terrorist attacks while reading "The Pet Goat" for children. 👌 BBC News is all a hoax to mislead us all. And of course, the infamous, BBC, foreknowledge of 9/11 collapse of WTC Building Seven. Same BBC, who's foreknowledge of every single pedophiles in the UK govt., among celebs, globalists, including, late BBC host Jimmy Savile, that abused at least 500 kids, perhaps 1000... |

'You had 911 families protesting at the LIV over the weekend and now you have a 911 terrorist shot down by a drone this is so contrived I don’t believe any of this shit.' ~ Midnight Rider Channel 🇺🇸, [Aug 2, 2022 at 03:59]


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