Aug 2, 2022

✨πŸ‘±‍♀️🌌 ~ (Omnec Onec - “The woman from Venus”) The Transformation Of The Earth – 4 Phases (Cosmic News) πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: Omnec Onec, claims that she is a female extraterrestrial "Venusian" who originally came to Earth in 1955, born 246 Earth years ago... SoTW read the book "Simply Wisdom And Love", Venusian Spirituality, that I bought from her - really amazing... I felt, really privileged, to have meet Omnec, got myself a personal hug and blessing on her birthday in 2015 at a spiritual Rob Potter conference in Mt. Shasta. Warmest hug ever - her body heat was beyond anything I have experienced... |

Omnec onec was born and raised on Venus. Venus is often referred to as our sister planet in this solar system. This planet is very interesting for us because long ago completed their communities in the same process as the Earth is in our NOW, called Ascension. They now live in the fifth dimension. Although Venus seems too warm and completely uninhabitable planet in the fifth dimension, it is in fact, a beautiful world with crystal cities. One of Mike Quinsey contacts Ker-On, (and SaLuSA) are from Venus, have sometimes spoken of his own world. Our galactic friends often tell about humanoid ETs are already living among us. They live among us, of all sorts of reasons. Some, has teamed up with the Galactic Federation and are actively working for change on our earth plane, others research and others are here, just for the sake of the experience. Omnec Onec have lived on Earth since she was 7 years old and has lived in her own flat in 130 years (human years). 


Omnec Onec – The Transformation Of The Earth – 4 Phases – Cern – Timeframes – Support The Process – Link

Jo Conrad Interview Omnec Onec in 1999 – Link

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