Apr 24, 2022

πŸŽ΄πŸ‘‘πŸ’˜ ~ (What a happy day what a happy day!!) Janine and David Cover Everything From Politics to Media, Plane Activity, Queen, Music, and More! (David Cowan) ~ | Blogger: You might wanna watch this one. The picture below with the two Pale white horses + "death"-card as Janine pulled, same as 'Sophia Tarot Reader'. We are veeeeery close to "London Bridge Is Falling Down" (YEEES!)... They also read into a guy called "Josh Kennedy" (Australian rules football player) that is actually rumored to be JFK Jr. son (called out by Negative 48)... Who owns the World you ask?: Blackrock and Vanguard.. Janine pull cards on Blackrock and they have been STOPPED and in BIG TROUBLE & FACING JUSTICE (JEEEAH!)... Who is getting the billions upon billions of money, from the Corona-Vaccines? It has been taken over, TheBlackHats are losing the income, off-worlders has intercepted it now! It will go to sovereign beings, freedom loving humans and or going back to the PEOPLE (HURAAA!!!). The (dirty) money is going to fund all the RV, Janine claims.... Finished it off at 25 minute marker, there must be soooo much more... Sorry, SoTW got carried away, I just badly needed some positive rings in the water. Keeping our spirits on high all the time, can be hard... |



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