Apr 24, 2022

πŸ‘€⏰⚔️ ~ (Trump, Voter Fraud, Dark Italian Satellites, Biden, Juan-O-Savin-Flynn, Vatican, IH3RC, Sex-Trafficking, DUMBS, God, UFO's) Simon Parkes Important Conversation and Big Updates (Video) (Before It's News by N.Morgan) ~ | Blogger: THIS is to some degree very confusing. You can go to "AMP" or "WN.com" or "Bitchute" or watch it DIRECTLY on BIN. SoTW had to find all the links myself and Simon has not posted anything about this on his own blog. The REAL title is "Conversations of Consequence with Simon Parkes (21-4-2022)." (by John Michael Chambers from American Media Periscope)... BIN calls it a "Vital interview with Simon and he discloses some HUGE news and updates". SoTW are not sure that is TRUE, but it depends on, if you knew, Simon and John, already, last few years. If you're newbie to American Alternative News and Simon, this might be SUPER GREAT news and highly recommended to watch it. For CC-members it might be a repeat, buuutt, Simon goes in more depth by answering questions he already has covered in the past, by adding more details. πŸ’­NOTE: Simon will go on a fact-finding-tour in June/July in Florida and meet US coordinators!! (How will he do that, when Foreign nationals traveling to the United States must demonstrate proof of full vaccination against COVID-19??). Simon's hope to move semi-permanently to America and his Florida house, in Dec/Jan of 2023. His very last words was, that America, Britain and Australia are very close to be liberated, but not Canada, just yet. People need to put pressure on their government (what about Denmark and EU and rest of the world??)... |

PS (SoTW): Why don't Simon create more CC and worldly "News reports" like he did in the past? Ask him - perhaps of his NDA, maybe he's more busy in the background or nothing vital happens - take your pick - I have no idea. Yesterday, the amazing HOST Leigh of "International CC member Meditation to raise consciousness" said, that many are complaining that only 100 people shows up on Zoom, out of a 1000 people, but she said, Simon and Becky has cost by emailing people - which is a bit (lame excuse). I strongly feel, people are losing faith in SP and CC-DK is no better. We really miss the old days (SoTW do). We miss some solid information and positive news and updates more frequently (with all due respect). Yes, CC are a spiritual organization, absolutely, and we need to speak about spiritualism - sure - and how we evolve and assist HUmanity - right. SP has issued a (Business) Conduct Guidelines, that have more rules, than IBM, that I have worked for. Rules in a spiritual organization?? Yes, we had some MAJOR setbacks by 4 Danish people within a "cult" who did some nasty things and CC, moved to another platform etc. etc... Anyways, we also need plane "news" from the alternative world of understanding. What's the point on going to "Charlie's tour" in Birmingham, when we've not out of the woods yet? My Danish friend said to me, what if the BlackHats will target people with DEW, like in Awake and Aware London? To meet-up, hug and share love, yes - it's beautiful - but the ENERGY is not there (yet), people are still fearful of wars and what comes next after Ukraine etc. etc... I even heard, Kent Dunn said, world is cleared out in 2025. Janine and Brad, 2023.  Stewart Swerdlow on Dr. Salla told us, that we have to "wait" until 2024. Others mentions 2032, like Michelle Fielding. HUmanity and Truth-community really need a breakthrough in 2022 and SoTW knows TheDarkHats are still powerful, but the whole cleanup, might take until 2032 (New Golden Age is completed). However, we still need to see the light in the tunnel, SOON!. Not a MAJOR EVENT, but some glitches in the Matrix, to convince our neighbors and our Soul, that we're on the right track for Planetary Liberation. I trust my Higher-Self, I really do, but H-S reading is like looking at Tarot cards - it's a 'clear and present movement in time', that can change of course. May of 2022, might be THE LANDMARK event, we've all waiting for, if , TheDarkHats, will not set the world on fire... | 

This is a vital interview with Simon and he discloses some HUGE news and updates. The summer is quickly approaching and things are about to heat up for sure!

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