Apr 13, 2022

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra: Halo Master Chief Hero!?!) EP 183 - Navy Whistleblower - Part 2 (Journey to Truth Podcast) ~ | Blogger: This is part 2 of part 1 - EP 181 - First Time Interview with Navy Whistleblower!... SoTW is always excited to listen to this stuff. Not because I was lucky to serve The Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) in the MilitaryPolice K9 units as a "soldier" (as I always wanted) but this "guy" has experienced things, "normal" soldiers has no idea about! He's a world traveler, been to places not on the map and on the map, boots on the ground and inside DUMB's and Ancient Alien places, as a Chief Foreign Service Officer. Sounds to me, he's kind of "Halo Master Chief" hero to me. The Navy Whistleblower says to Tyler & Aaron; Why do you think "they" came about the idea to create the movie (The Island from 2005)? Google Earth Pro will not show you specific Islands and places that is totally cloaked (Hologram, Holodeck, Blue Beam 2.0 tech) and been around since 1960's. No Alien invasion, but unbelievable Project Blue Beam technology exist and if you follow the same "negative" timeline and do not stop it, it will go in that direction FOREVER!. DUMBs are not Tunnels systems. 90% of the operations when these special suited soldiers has to go inside a DUMB or tunnel or secret place to destroy it, is a "poke and hope" - you have no clue what to encounter, he says... We are now waiting on approval, disclosure, bureaucratic red tape and other hoopla to reveal, that the old SSP Galactic Academy are being reopened for the public to know about on the Moon! Soooo much more inside this videocast that will make your head spin... |

Noah's Ark or Space Arks in Ukraine activating! It's more like a container DNA Seeds or like Svalbard Global Seed Vault! (is Dr. Salla and/or Elena Denaan wrong?) 

He used to travel inside a Beetle-car spacecraft nuclear-ish that took 1-2 hours to get to the Dark side Moon bases! Venus is 'spot' for this 'navy soldier.' Venus AKA Dune (like the movie) walking on Venus suit up like (movie Doom!) Elon Musk stated he is an Alien in a Joe Rogan show! Tesla is from Venus and so is Elon Musk! 'Valiant Thor' not REAL! Folks from Saturn AKA 'The Council of Saturn' and 'The Council of Nine'? originated from Venus. Venus is where all the copies of Earth and Cosmic hidden spiritual knowledge exist inside out-of-this-world libraries! He's been on Mars which is a Prison Planet and place for Frankenstein genetic experiments and then some. A hinky nasty place (like The Umbrella Corporation). Blue Beam tech is everywhere on Earth - could be inside a street lamp in your city (3-D Matrix of Simulation) Talks about Apr 18 FF op in NYC? DUMBs and Bases are still being destroyed! (so much more)......

πŸšΈπŸ›‘️πŸ•³️ ~ (Viral Video of Today: 90% of the Saved Children 2017-2022 estimated to several hundred thousands! 1st move Trump did blasted a Adrenochrome factory in Texas and all in it!) EP 181 - First Time Interview with Navy Whistleblower! (Journey to Truth Podcast) ~ |

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