Apr 13, 2022

🏴‍☠️πŸ’™πŸ’›~ (DPR, Chechen & Russian forces stormed Azovstal plant. CNN journalists declassified presence of US Marines in Ukraine + NATO Mercenaries! 1,000 Ukrainian Marines Surrender in Mariupol!) War coming to an end in Ukraine soon (BATTLEFORWORLD.COM) ~ | Blogger: The breaking from rt.com has nothing to do with this report, either way, all of it surely is 100% different from the Lame Stream Media narrative!... (SoTW own comments) Putin looking to end war in Ukraine by May of 2022, but CABAL or KM is not surrendering (outside Ukraine)! Just like Dante have to go through Hell in ''The Inferno'' TheBlackHats or CABAL or "the powers that be" (TPTB) will rather die, or like Lemmings commit mass suicide - you catch my drift! And we are all sick and tired of the "shitshow" whether it's allowed by TheWhiteHats or TheBlackHats to continue any longer. If it's true, offworlders can end this "pantomime" or "movie" why don't they? In order to wake more people up?. When is Enough Enough? Why must so many people suffer?... According to my Higher Self, it WILL be revealed about the true "purpose" of the war or (special operations) in Ukraine, but not before, Joe Biden, has been removed (WH op) and or Trump and Q-movement will return! So now, we are looking for May not April! America or US inc., will be crippled and this Ukraine war is on the very last legs that will mark the very last of all world-wars, end the petrodollar dominance and finish off The CABAL, as we know it. Mark my words. No more USA obligated by treaty to defend the 67 Cabal countries! No more policing or watch dog or takeover or decades of propaganda warfare and Stealth Invasion! And I don't care about the mistrust by Simon P. and Fulford, we are about the get a MAJOR victory for HUmanity!. Light always finds a way in darkness!... |



War coming to an end in Ukraine soon

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM - Update: April 13, 2022: DPR, Chechen and Russian forces have stormed the Azovstal plant in Ukraine, (Telegram source). - Also, some 1,026 Ukrainian Marines, Including 162 Officers Surrender in Mariupol, according to the Russian MoD, (Telegram source).

Inside the Azovstal plant in Ukraine as soldiers enter, searching.



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