Apr 6, 2022

πŸšΈπŸ›‘️πŸ•³️ ~ (Viral Video of Today: 90% of the Saved Children 2017-2022 estimated to several hundred thousands! 1st move Trump did blasted a Adrenochrome factory in Texas and all in it!) EP 181 - First Time Interview with Navy Whistleblower! (Journey to Truth Podcast) ~ | Blogger: O-M-Gooood! This guy has a NDA - but DO NOT CARE!!!... Put trust in the (positive) military is SoTW slogan!... Take me right back to 1990 when... SoTW was among the "chosen ones" who where protecting The Danish Defence Command (DCD) (FKO) as a MP K9 AKA VedbΓ¦k-bunkeren (Building 20) both the buildings and down 60 meters below (equal to The Pentagon building and the underground facilities just as an Miniature Golf size)... Anywho, sorry, I'm afraid I got carried away, because I was at one point, "memory-wiped" after I saw or overheard military secret (that's another story)! Soooo, this is a MUST-WATCH!... This videocast has it all!... Detailed description of DUMBs chasing Deepstaters, Childmolesters, Incinerators, Playgrounds, Adrenochrome factories, Biolabs and Alpha Draconians (oldest and top hierarchy controllers of Earthlings known reptilian race in our galaxy) and other ET's "frickin sharks with frickin laser beams" (US special soldiers used advanced laser weaponry DEW against Cabal). Btw, in the latest video "Tarot by Janine" she discuss that next year 2023 "normal people" are able to use the Tubesystem inside DUMBs to travel, after defeated because airtravel is soon bankrupted (e.g. 'magnetoleviton' trains manufactured by Krupp, Germany runs 1000 mph etc)... They/he also talk about G/NESARA (that Jordan Sather says do not exist) and it goes aaaall the way back the early 80's when US farmers went to court because of fraudulent FIAT-system. Bush Snr. ordered the demolition of World Trade Center to stop the international banking computers on floors one and two, in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. Why September 11 Attacks with Nano-thermite and Project Blue Beam and Gold... Russo-Ukraine war: Russia gold-backed Ruple, save children and destroy biolabs... Muammar Gaddafi + Saddam Hussein takedown because they wanted to change the FIAT-system... The White House Building and other buildings emptied out and boarded up / fenced is about cleaning the DUMBs... Truth about Grand Canyon... Area 51 - ET tech - Space Fleet... Hidden truth about Antarctica & Inner Earth Civilizations - Agartha... Mt Shasta, Telos and everything is truth that leads to nine other worlds... Med Beds and technologies what could be similar exists like Elysium (film)... etc. etc...|

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