Jan 10, 2022

📰🍿❌ ~ (Russia is not the ENEMY. NATO/The Khazarian Mafia/Zionists/CCP-communists are) Restored Republic via a GCR (DC) ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... {both RR via a GCR from 9th and 10th are good}.. FINALLY Simon Parkes has stepped up and given us 4 new postings about what he and his sources are saying, is going on in U.S. Inc. I know, Simon follows DC (Dinar Chronicles) and what is important in Simons latest is, about "Upwards of 30 US states have either activated their National Guard, or told commanders to move to a prepared" and "The State of the Union speech which is normally given on or around 20th Jan is I am told being moved to March."... Perhaps you do not agree with me on verdensalt.dk, I do not care really, with all due and utmost respect - I've heard all morning to Danish news trying to declare readiness for NATO and Denmark's action and preparedness for full-scale war against Russia, because of what they are about to do in CIA coup Hunter Biden's Ukraine. Pleeease, do not insult my (spiritual) intelligence, Russia, is not helping the outgoing Babylonian Evil Khazarian Mafia, they are trying to protect their countrymen, both in Kazakhstan and Ukraine (and take down NATO's starting escalation if necessary)... Interesting, that rumor has it on DC, on Wednesday 19. January 2022, Trump has hinted that he would return as the 19th President of the Republic (which I don't believe, but someone else a "woman" will be the centerstage - maybe)... |



The situation between the US/NATO and Russia has become critical. If you hear news that any of these radar stations has had “an incident” that’s your proof that WW3 has commenced and nuclear attack against the USA is in progress.

  • Ukraine Continues to Prepare to Attack Donetsk and Luhansk

  • US F-16′s have been positioned into Ukraine proper

  • US F-15′s have been positioned into Romania

  • 1,000 M1A1 and M1A2 tanks have been shipped to Romania/Greece

  • Russia has asked NATO for Security Guarantees, and been rejected

  • US/EU/NATO Attempted to Overthrow Gov’t of Kazakhstan Last Week

  • NATO Again Rejects Russian request for Security Guarantees; Russia says will obtain them “by other means” (war?)

  • Russia Begins Airlift of “Strategic Supplies” To Doomsday Bunker at Mt. Yamantau in Ural Mountains

  • Russian Aircraft Capable of Anti-Satellite Launches being fueled and Readied throughout Russia

  • US Military has been recalling Active-Reservists for Immediate Deployment to Europe all week.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 10, 2021



Citizens Across the Globe Placed on HIGH ALERT:

  • US on High Alert, Simon Parkes: “Upwards of 30 US states have either activated their National Guard, or told commanders to move to a prepared footing.”https://www.simonparkes.org//post/upwards-of-30-us-states-on-alert
  • Storms and State of Emergency everywhere! Global shutdown on it’s way. And BANG 17 military airplane comms. Get ready for THE STORM! …Whiplash347
  • Blackout in #Berlin the capital of Germany: Heating power plant offline. 370,000 households reportedly without electricity and heating. Hot water supply is also interrupted. https://www.focus.de/panorama/in-der-hauptstadt-heizkraftwerk-ausgefallen-370-000-berliner-haushalte-ohne-strom-und-heizung_id_36711712.html
  • Lebanon hit by nationwide blackout after protesters storm substation.
  • US airport chaos continued as more than 2,600 flights cancelled. They are preparing something big. Brace for global shutdown! https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/1/2/us-airport-chaos-continue-as-more-than-2600-flights-cancelled
  • Washington DC shuts down as winter storm expected to bring heavy snowfall. Federal offices in the US capital have closed on Monday, with forecasts predicting between four and eight inches of snow.
  • Washington DC: National Guard soldiers from the 53rd Infantry Brigade have arrived in Washington DC and been sworn in as temporary US Marshalls in support of citizens at the US Capitol.
  • Washington DC Walmart has empty shelves.
  • “The harvest is them committing the crimes in plain sight for us to see and to catch, collect them all, go after them and suing them for their crimes. Then arresting them all at the same time with indictments and warrants. They are ALL going down so fast right now. Watch the show! You will love how this movie ends. The revolution is NOT televised but the revelations will be. Right now military tribunals are secret and hidden. But soon it will all be revealed to public.”
  • The Storm is Almost Here: Make sure you have the necessities – two to three weeks worth. The Military will also supply food and supplies. We are going to full Global Martial Law. Changing over from Crown Maritime Law to 1776 will be a transition.” …Whiplash347

Schedule of Upcoming Events:

  • Mon. 10 Jan. could be the beginning of Ten Days of Darkness. “It’s going around about a Worldwide Lockdown on Mon. 10 Jan, so make the most of this weekend. Get some Sun, get your feet in the Sand somewhere. Planet was always gonna lockdown before THE EVENT. Planes, Trains etc.” … Whiplash347
  • Mon. 10 Jan. could also be the beginning of Tier 4B redemption/exchange appointments.
  • Wed. 19 Jan.: Trump has hinted that he would return as the 19th President of the Republic.
  • On Thurs. 20 Jan. the Quantum Banking System using the new Starlink Satellite Internet was set to begin for the general public.

The Real News for Sun. 9 Jan. 2022:

  • The Internet, Telegram, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, Instagram, You Tube and Facebook were set to go down and be replaced by the Quantum Internet. “The Reboot would wipe out Operation Mockingbird on the clock.”
  • Red Alert: President Biden & Vice President Harris Both Flown To Area 51 For Emergency Briefing | Alternative | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)
  • So far this week around 30 US states have activated their National Guard.
  • With this GCR normal Banking practices where the bank had control of an individual’s monies would end, while new banking regulations would be in place that gives power to The People to handle their own gold/asset-backed monies on the Quantum Financial System.
  • Borders of countries all over the world would be changing.
  • The USSR was back in, while Communism was out. Khazarian Mafia was out. The People of United Soviet Republic now had a New Constitution based on the Articles of Freedom – the same as the US Constitution.
  • The Chinese Communist Party would end. The CCP was in default, bankrupt, kaput, gone and would be replaced with a new Eastern Union of Sovereign Nation States.
  • The Sovereign Republic of the United States of North America, including all of Canada (with Quebec and Nova Scotia), the US and Mexico, will be forming a new Union of States. Territories will also include Australia and New Zealand.
  • Hawaii was rejecting their US Inc. takeover and declaring itself a Sovereign Nation.
  • The Corporate US Government throughout all the US and territories will step down. The elected officials exit and new elections will take place.
  • The First (Public) Constitutional Convention in Texas will be held as quickly as possible, electing a new and much smaller government according to the Original Restored Constitution of 1776.
  • Bitcoin racks up longest losing streak in nearly half a decade. IS THE RIPPLE/XRP SEC CASE ABOUT TO END? CRITICAL DEADLINE COMING CRYPTO PRICES TO RISE AGAIN – YouTube
  • Russia getting former Soviet States: Turkey – Turan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, KyrgzystanArmenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine. Some of these are NATO states. Like I showed before 3 to go Soviet possibly 4 with Bulgaria. Bulgaria came under the Warsaw Pact so not too sure with them. Romania & Moldova similar too. Maybe another Kingdom. Balkans? Done in 30. NATO has 30 States.
  • Sat. 8 Jan. 2022 Underground Tunnels cleanout ongoing. Earthquakes along coast of Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Greece, Israel.
  • Carl Sagan, Astronomer: “People should be educated, and they should have practiced their skepticism and their education. Otherwise we don’t run the government, the government runs us.” https://t.me/worldawakeningdraft/428

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