Dec 13, 2021

🀟πŸ€ͺπŸ”« ~ ('UK heading toward mandatory vax: Heads of countries are following along with vax passports, masks, and lockdowns.') OMICRON-MORONIC (By Liberty_Lady - The Rumor Mill) ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰"Omicron" is an Anagram of "Moronic". "Delta & Omicron" is an Anagram of "MEDIA CONTROL" ~ SoTWπŸ‘ˆ] ... A must-read... |

"I have a question for these morons. When a group of scientists approached the CDC last summer and asked for a sample of COVID-19 so they could study it, the CDC's response was, "Uh, er, well we haven't exactly isolated it yet. Didn't that throw a red flag?" ~ LL


Heads of countries are following along in a goose-step manner on forced vaccinations, vaccine passports, masks, and lockdowns. The UK is heading toward mandatory vaccinating, even though they know the so-called vaccines don't stop you from getting the disease or from spreading it. So, ask yourself, then why are these heads of state going full punitive if you refuse to get the jab?

What is really going on? I could point out the Georgia Guidestones again or the Bill Gates TED talk in, I believe 2010. But, many still wouldn't believe they've been scammed.

The so-called PCR tests used to detect the 'virus' can be set anywhere they choose. I've read various number settings, but I believe anything over 35 is going to test positive for the coronavirus.

So, what is coronavirus? Look it up in the medical literature. It's the common cold. Do you know anyone who has never had a cold? Further, in 2019, over 38,000 people died from the flu, Influenza A & B. I couldn't find a listing for 2020. Why? Because these Globalists needed those number of deaths, along with paid Chinese actors pretending to drop dead in the streets, to claim that COVID-19 was killing so many people so quickly, the only way they could save themselves was to follow orders and eventually rush out and get a vaccination when that became available.
When they didn't get enough people to roll up their sleeves through their fear campaign, they had to turn to punitive measures. Wear masks everywhere, which King Fauci originally said didn't work. One doctor said it was like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain-link fence. We needed to isolate ourselves from other people, stay in our homes. Work from home if we could. School children were doing their classes online. And, by all means, shame those who were smart enough not to fall for the B.S.

So now, we have a variant of COVID-19 that started in Africa, which the doctor who discovered it said was very mild with no deaths so far. My question is, how do you get a variant from a virus that has never been isolated? Apparently, the people were losing their fear of COVID and TPTB had to come up with a new scare tactic.

I have never seen a 'germ' spread so fast in my life. Suddenly it was all over the world. The bought and paid for heads of countries immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started beating the drum of "Be afraid, be very afraid." The Lame Stream Media did their part, sounding like a bunch of lunatic parrots in their hurry to sound the alarm.

Why are these losers in such a hurry to push this new tactic? Because more and more people are waking up and beginning to realize what has been done to them. I have a question for these morons. When a group of scientists approached the CDC last summer and asked for a sample of COVID-19 so they could study it, the CDC's response was, "Uh, er, well we haven't exactly isolated it yet. Didn't that throw a red flag?

Excuse me but isn't that how vaccines are made? From dead viruses? So, what exactly have they been putting in these 'vaccines'? On top of that, the FDA was getting so much heat from ethical doctors and scientists that they put out a paper trying to pretend that they had granted approval to the Pfizer vax. But, if you read the paper carefully, what they actually did was grant approval for a vaccine that is not even available in the U.S. at this time. They only extended the emergency use of the Pfizer jab. Which is illegal according to their own rules. You can only approve emergency use of an experimental drug if there isn't already a proven drug that can be Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

This makes me wonder why I would agree to take an experimental drug into my body. One that hasn't been isolated or tested by the CDC. On the say-so of a Microsoft Geek and a so-called Dr. Fauci who have both been thrown out of several countries for harming millions of brown and black people. I'm surprised their passports haven't been revoked.

I loved David Icke pointing out that OMICRON is an anagram for MORONIC. The Globalists are laughing at our stupidity. They can hardly believe how well this scam has worked worldwide. But, they are way behind schedule and are in a bind to get as many people injected as possible. Why? Again, I refer you to the Georgia Guidestones. They always find a way to tell you what they are planning on doing to do us. It is like they have some kind of code they have to follow. It might be a book or a movie. It might be something written in stone like the standing stones in Georgia.

Because they know that due to their bought and paid for minions, Lame Stream Media, and bought and paid for scientists and doctors, most people won't believe that anyone could be so evil. Most people won't want to believe they've been duped.

If people had studied the history of vaccines and the various eugenicists groups as long as I have, they would have seen red flags all over the place from the start of this gigantic hoax. The Club of Rome, the Pilgrim Society, the Fabian Society, to name just a few, are some of the secret societies that JFK talked about before his assassination. These groups and many others are all involved in this gigantic scam.

So, will the Globalists be able to forcibly jab all of America? I would say, no. Everyone who bought into their B.S. has already been jabbed at least once. Next, those who were strong-armed by relatives, friends, and employers into taking one of the jabs have also caved in. Those who are left are not about to accept what these jabs truly are, death shots for the most part. These people will never give in which is why the countries, including the U.S., are attempting to resort to force. It is also why you see riots all around the globe as people rise up against these monsters. We are all in the battle of our lives. As I predicted last year, the Globalists will then resort to isolating people who refuse the jab. You won't be able to step outside of your home eventually. You won't be able to buy food. I look for attempts to withhold health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, pension funds, perhaps even Social Security checks from those who try to hold out.

Lastly, I might point out that we still have the second amendment, in spite of their attempts to water it down. We now have over 400,000,000 guns in this country, more than we have people. The Globalists know that any attempt to use the military/law enforcement to force vaccinations or confiscate guns will result in a lot of dead people on both sides of the divide. That doesn't mean they won't try it.

For those who are religious, I would recommend a refresher reading of Revelations 14: 9-13. While I believe that much of the Book of Revelations is allegorical, still it is chilling to hear that proponents of the New World Order intend to eventually put all of your medical and financial information in a chip to be implanted in your hand or forehead. Try to fake a vaccine passport at that point.

The Globalists also made a strategic mistake in judging us by their own standards. We will band together. We will help each other to survive this war. We are the 99%. There is no way they can win if we all stand strong and stand together.

I will continue to resist. I hope you will too.

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