Dec 13, 2021

๐ŸŒฟ✨⚰️~ ("They killed Dr Sebi, he was teaching health," the rapper said and then Nipsey Hussle, was killed too together with singer Lisa Lopes) Dr. Sebi: The Herbalist Who Cured Cancer & Was Poisoned in Prison For It (Universe Inside You) ~ | Blogger: [๐Ÿ‘‰He cured Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, Steven Seagal and hundreds of people and they killed him for it?๐Ÿ‘ˆ] ... Alfredo Darrington Bowman aKa "Dr. Sebi" an renowned pathologist, herbalist, naturalist and holistic healer, who discovered a natural cure for aids, cancer and all sorts of diseases, was allegedly poisoned in prison and 2 celebs died mysteriously, who tried to come forward with a documentary about Dr. Sebi, that could break Big Pharma monopoly (revenues worldwide totaled 1.27 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020). The FDA tried to break him with lawsuits and infiltrated him and his organization, and they succeeded. Nobody from his startup company came to assist in any way, shape or form, to bailout or help Dr. Sebi from prison and today his products has been altered to make people sick... 〰️NOTE: Big Pharma - invented by The Rockefellers, has allegedly, killed many, many people. Also some famous inventors of "Rife machines" (sound wave generation or rife frequencies), which was the forerunner to the SSP-Med Beds... ๐ŸงซAlmost 100 anonymous & well-known alternative medicine/holistic doctors has been killed that has been reported missing or dead due to a coincidental discovery of the enzyme "Nagalase" which Inhibits the Power of GcMAF to fight Cancer and Autism... ๐ŸŒฑMy Danish holistic ND which I personally thinks, is close to a Mini-Me Dr. Sebi, has told me, he had several incidents where angry chef medical doctors from Danish hospitals, called him up, because he had cured their clients or patients. That is perhaps why, he stays anonymous, I don't know... |


Dr. Sebi, a holistic healer, and herbalist, who discovered a natural cure for AIDS, Cancer, and all sorts of diseases, was ridiculed, sued, and eventually thrown in prison, where he was allegedly poisoned. He healed hundreds of people, including many celebrities like Michael Jackson, Steven Seagal, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, Lisa Lopes, and others.

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