Dec 3, 2021

🤘🤪🔫 ~ (Moooo) While You Were Sleeping MAD COW NEWS (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: 🐮 *ONE* of the three China Joe Bidens (Alex Collier's show 26/11/21 there's 3 actors who plays Biden's) has once again (again and again) with House & Senate approval (his Handlers DS - cloned Obama / Clintons) on a stopgap measure to continue funding the government through mid-February 2022 (one of my friends claimed it will NEVER happened told by spiritual backchannels - well it did - again)... 🐮 Pfizer's CEO, Dr Albert Bourla, told BBC yesterday's interview (even though people claiming he's already arrested, charged with fraud), that Annual Covid jabs for years to come (yes - the BIGGEST human experiment in history "wacko-vaksine" listed as Emergency Use Authorization Act (EUA) - Greg Hunter 3/12/21 - 16 min marker). And fast-tracking EU regulator begins rolling review of Valneva COVID-19 vaccine and so many more Cash-Cows-Vaccines... 🐮Denmark & USA - an internationally very prominent Danish-born Virus professor in USA now presents a spectacular and hitherto rather overlooked hypothesis about how the omicron variant of coronavirus comes from the animals, like, *MINK* (WHAAAT - are you kidding me??? To help Danish PM after she slaughtered 17 million of minks and bankrupted 6.000 people, entire families lost everything and mink-industry 19 billion Danish kroner?)... 👁️WHAT WE NEED TO FOCUS ON -- Highlights From Day 4 of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial (Mr. Alessi 58-page document titled “Household Manual”). INSANE - like Alec Baldwin's broken down in tears, 1st sit-down TV Interview (can't believe people are buying into all that cr*p)... |

🦠PS: SoTW repeat it ONE more time, a VIRUS, cannot JUMP from a animal into a Human, in NATURE! (only if it's military created bioweapon). Because it cannot "SURVIVE" (if you can call it that) without its original HOST and due to Animals and Humans do not share same numbers of chromosomes etc. etc. A VIRUS can't reproduce because it isn't LIVING. As said before, all it has is DNA inside of it and that is why it survive (sometimes) outside its host in NATURE a short time period. The ONLY thing that the virus can do is INJECT the DNA inside of the host's CELLS. When the host's cells are injected, they MULTIPLY, all with this virus in THEM. That is how a virus SPREADS throughout your BODY. Viruses CANNOT replicate unless ABSORBED by cells in our body. As an example, if you are SICK, extremely old, stressful, with a weak immune system or pulmonary patients (Corona + influenza etc.), and the human toxicity potential (HTP) is on HIGH, and your cells are DYING from a ACIDIC environment. Like cancer cells - anything below 7.0 is acidic, and anything above 7.0 is alkaline, or basic. Cancer = Fungus. That is why Natron softens tumors; Soda has an anti-inflammatory effect and can eliminate cancer-cells from, acidic to alkaline, or basic... End of lesson... Please, as always, use your own Spiritual Discernment. SoTW not a medical expert or anything really, just trying DESPERATELY to figure out the TRUTH!... |

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