Nov 26, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (CC Mass-meditation to raise consciousness! At least 3 different Joe Bidens - Alex) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟Charlie Ward and Jackie White: Big Updates and Intel! (Video) The Morgan Report🌟] ... 🧘‍♂️It's like the good old Cobra RM mass-medi days (but I'm out of that group). 7 PM CET SoTW went into meditation - a 20 minute session took us away in seconds up in the skies and beyond the veil of the Matrix looking down on our beloved Planet Terra Nova New Earth, Mother GAIA and our fellow humans, delivering blessings, healing and holding hands with at least 500 CC members (Simon Parkes, Becky etc.)... 🗣️Next is Alex Collier 145th *LIVE* Webinar on 20 PM CET! Alex stated out saying no one has isolated the covid-19 virus. Including the new variant from South Africa or any variants!. Med-Meds, will (maybe) start-up by mid Jan 2022 and onward, says Alex. One thousand per days of Med-Beds will be produced. Hospital and Medical systems will be eliminated or dissolved because they are money-based, says Alex. Doctors WW will be arrested. It's military operation and NOBODY will be left behind. OMG! Alex has a a loooot of info on Med Beds.. 🦠PS: (SoTW) -- As we speak, WHO classifies B.1.1.529 AKA 'Botswana variant', as a Covid variant of concern named "Omicron". Omicron is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet... Did you know, that The "Illuminati", lack of a better wordings, mostly comprised of Omicron, Beta, and Gamma males? An Omicron male who, in another universe, may have been a Sigma, but lacks the drip necessary for such tasks. I guarantee you "Dripstein" he used to live rent free in the beta's heads, he rules not only their physical plane but their mental. The Georgia Guidestones were made by the "Omicron" elite operating under their deeply repressed superiority complex (this info from SoTW, not from Alex, Simon, CC or anybody else)... 💥PSS: Soooo. I have talked to my Danish holistic Naturopathic ND today and he says, January 2022 is THE month of MASSIVE changes, he has read everywhere... In October of 2021, my own Higher Self, has said, January and February 2022 will be exploding! (use link)... |

💌NOTE: Charlie and Jackie cover some interesting topics and expose some information that was unknown, until now.  Here are just a few things they discuss:  

👉Predicted banking crash when the UK Corporation was declared bankrupt👉Were the vaccination ingredients a good thing in the beginning organised by the White Hats that then got corrupted to harm mankind by the Black hats👉Ghislaine Maxwell trial👉On a scale of 1-10 where are we with Nesara taking place soon?👉What is the plan behind the lockdown in Austria at the moment?👉Is the UK under military rule now?👉137+ container ships moored off the coast in the USA👉California near to turning over their voting results in favour of Trump so he can return👉What can we all do to help at the moment Charlie?👉If the Rosthchild Family have had their money confiscated, who now owns their land and property, and will the people be able to purchase the land for humanitarian purposes?👉Crypto currency is it worth understanding it👉600 new billionaires since March 2020 Mentioned Aids, Twin Towers and the Titanic... |  

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