Dec 3, 2021

😎ðŸĨģ✌️ ~ (Heads Up! West Antarctica + South Africa. Dec 4th Incoming Solar Eclipse Activations) Fun Party Pooper Freaky Black Friday (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: (Freakier than freaky)... Oh man! I'd let you down not being allowed to tell what is incoming. Not ONLY about the upcoming total Solar Eclipse from Meg Benedicte's newsletter, that's no secret. But what is written on several A4 letter big of intel from CC meeting minutes and backchannels are saying. I'm taking about the 63 International Country Coordinators meeting 26th Nov 2021 w/Becky and Simon's 100.000 member big spiritual organization. I'm not allowed to share but do not have a NDA, so what I can say is, that Dec. 15th, will be important date for some countries. Especially South Africa, Australia and America. I'm sure Simon will make a video soon.. Joni Patry, one of the most recognized teachers and Vedic astrologers in the world has predicted all the way back in Oct, Nov and also this months chart, that, Dec. 15th & 30th 2021, is the GRAN FINALE. I'm so, so sorry, feeling a bit Gung-Ho-Gangsta-Trigger-Happy, but not allowed to put it out there. One thing Simon has shared official on his blog is, that; "Austrian chancellor resigns after a white hat operation against the 4th Reich cabal". SoTW was complaining yesterday that NOTHING happens, let me tell you, a LOT has happened... PS: (UPDATE) OMG! Nobody can keep a secret - todays Restored Republic via a GCR from DC (Judy and co.); "According to Simeon Parks (does she mean Simon Parkes?) the President of US Inc. Joe Biden, would step down on that Wed. 15 Dec.". More info on South Africa EBS. etc... |


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