Dec 30, 2021

✨〰️🧟 ~ ('The magician spell: The kind of Black Magic we're talking about is of frequency in nature influencing or controlling mass amount of people.' ~ Brad Olsen) The Cabal, Black Magic & Extraterrestrial Life (Michael Salla) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW outside this report) - Well, a true history lesson if you ask me, all we need know, is that the benevolent forces, who seems to be in control, GW or GL (Galactic Federation of World/Light) comes forward and out of the shadow and deliver! If the Dark Kabbalah has lost the battle for planet Earth, and they know it, why are we not allowed to see it in plane sight in the public eye? We can't handle the truth? In short, a humanitarian intervention is underway on our planet, led by many hundreds of other ET civilizations and a million large Commander Ashtar galactic army with extra and inter-dimensional groups referring to themselves as The Galactic Federation of Light or World... The Cabal/Illuminati, black magic, we're dealing with a millennium control system all the way back to The Anunnaki Gods (read next blogpost in Danish)... As I have posted before on, my Higher Self told me months back, that January and February 2022 will be gamechangers, let's see if this stick. Alex Collier on one of his webinars told us, that EVERYTHING will be gone before Christmas 2021, not sure, that will happen. The only thing of importance (in the public domain or MSM outlets) was Jury finds Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of sex trafficking.. But again, we need to manifest a positive vision of a new Golden Age to come. A utopia we're all been waiting for - Tomorrowland... |


Exopolitics Today interview featuring Brad Olsen author and publisher of multiple books dealing with the Cabal/Illuminati, black magic, the global control system, & extraterrestrial life. Dr. Michael Salla interviews Brad on how extraterrestrial life and black magic have been integral components of the global control system created millennia ago to subvert humanity, and has over the last 50 years prevented the emergence of a Star Trek Future.
As the Deep State unravels and cabal leaders escape Earth due increasing public resistance to their policy agenda and intervention by an alliance of positive extraterrestrial groups working with "White Hats" from different spacefaring nations (the 'Earth Alliance'), it has been claimed that the magical keys and codes used to subjugate humanity, are being surrendered. This interview discusses what would be involved in the handover of magical keys and codes used by the Cabal, and how this is necessary to bring about our Star Trek Future.

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