Dec 30, 2021

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"In the 1960s the CIA did secretive US taxpayer dollar funded and tortuous experiments on over 200 orphaned Danish Children, while in the 1980s Dr. Fauci oversaw secretive US taxpayer dollar funded and tortuous Big Pharma experiments on 532 New York Foster Children, killing over 200." 

~ Judy Note 

(SoTW - in the light that Maxwell is found guilty - called a sophisticated predator! and groomed poor, broken and orphaned girls)

Restored Republic via a GCR as of December 30, 2021

Full report:  (Excerpts)

The Real News for Wed. 29 Dec. 2021:

  • You have every moving piece ready to fall. Corona = Crown
  • Act of 1871 of England
  • Starts in London
  • London Bridge
  • Humpty Dumpty.
  • Commonwealth no more.
  • Military deployed in 48 states?
  • Planes and Trains travel stopped/cancelled?
  • Banks closed for a few days?
  • System updates?
  • Great cover for the RV ?
  • Germany will shut down three of its last six remaining nuclear reactors on December 31, 2021
  • Fleming Latest news from Iraq: The Iraqi Government is no longer meeting with the United States, nor the IMF, the World Bank, or the UN, etc. The US Military has completely departed from Iraq. The only remaining US presence of military guards the US Embassy in Bagdad. The new IQD rate is in the budget which will be released to the world between the 10th to the 15th of January.  God Bless Iraq and keep this sovereign nation safe from corrupting influences, from war, and from evil cartels. Amen The BIS/WB/IMF Cartel has left Iraq. After impoverishing and enslaving these sovereign nationals with overwhelming debt through the sale of government bonds. The same (fiat) paper instruments that left the Iraqi government representatives rich, and the people broken and poor. This machine is recognized and will not be allowed to continue.
  • The Military Tribunal has accused Jerusalem of hiding a secret tunnel (150 miles) called the Messiah Tunnel that connected the city of Jerusalem with the Vatican. Our planet has been connected by underground tunnels for thousands of years.

Cyber Attacks and News Shutdowns:

Global Financial Crisis:

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

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