Oct 18, 2021

πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ™‰ ~ (18 yrs ago he lied to the UN about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction for Bush, Blair, Per Stig Eye of Sauron & Anders 'Fog of War' Iraq coup) Colin Powell (died) from COVID-19. He was fully vaccinated said the family, not killed by cancer or at GITMO (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🀦‍♂️From "The Reluctant Warrior" to "Warrior Princess" = same shit, different day?πŸ’©] ... Once again, the joke is on me... Like Norway victims killed with knife by a white muslim, not bow and arrow as first stated by Kongsberg police or Sir David Amess, also killed by a happy Christian, black Ali Harbi Ali. The joke is still on me (with all due respect).. So it seems that every time one of the very top VIP's dies, it have to be this virus that was China’s Frankenstein monster... Made to last FOREVER until there's no more brain waves variants or record-breaking hurricane season runs out of traditional names, moves on to Greek alphabet... First Black general and US secretary of state, and Black hero that wanted the Presidency... Omg!.. It's gonna be a delight of disclosures until christmas of 2021 and into January / February of 2022, according to my higher self and my Danish holistic ND of today, told me. First two months 2022, everything will change and the Corona-Corporation hoax will come out. World-wide leaders will say; "We are so so so sorry, we didn't know those things then, we were following the advice that we had at the time."(yeah right). That was Jan 2022, in Feb 2022, revelations of who is "inside" the VIP and celebs will come out (silicone masks, actors, body double, clones or augmented humans)... Soon, Frank Underwood and his many "minions" and House of Cards will fall... More on that subject later, since i'm out of town... |


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