Nov 26, 2021

😎🥳✌️ ~ (4IR Realtime Digitalized & Robotized Hyperautomation, Transhumanism L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ Agenda) Fun Party Pooper Freaky Black Friday (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: (Freakier than freaky)... (Monarch mind control) ⏩"As a member of One-Direction, Harry Styles was extremely popular with children and teenagers. Partly because of that, he was chosen to push the all-important gender-blurring agenda. His most photoshoot for Dazed magazine is pure elite sickness symbolism." ~ ⏩And then of course, we have the new, Norway’s postal service, that has released a lavishy-produced advert depicting a homosexual relationship between Santa Claus and a man named Harry. The LGBT love affair, which ends in a kiss, has been met with mixed reactions online... ⏩Another franchise being ruined by the elite’s agenda is Superman. DC Comics recently announced that Jon Kent, the son of Superman is bisexual... ⏩In a previous post, Halsey is depicted as a cyborg with a computer for a brain. A great way of depicting an industry slave... 🥴PS: In the latest Tarot readings by Janine & JeanClaude (livestreaming 25/11/21), Janine told us, and many times before she felt and it seemed, that, UK Queen-Lizzie, was born a boy (she's reptilian for God's sake😉).. Kyle Rittenhouse at 45 min marker (the green screen malfunction / Kyle crisis actor 'baby Noah' Sandy Hook) is actually a GIRL - changed gender at 2 years old, tarot card says. Janine, did a whole show in Denmark on The Queen DDFO-Daisy and royal family, was also born boy, with three tarot male cards and changed gender (no matter how crazy that sounds)... You be the judge as always.. |

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