Oct 11, 2021

πŸ’ͺ πŸ”€πŸ’— ~ (What If...?) Who the hell are these people? The Queen of Denmark was born male, like the Danish PM rumor has it to give them "extra" power in the freemasonic line. Now, PM looks younger, knockers at the right place, smackable butt and legs like heaven with dentures and silicone mask in India. Before and after the "arrest" pictures!?! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: DISCLAIMER: Please - I don't want you guys to burn down my house but, does illuminati Grand Master Queen Elizabeth II helps keep the world safe from political fools?... That is a question on studioknow... Danish Queen born as male, how can you turn a babyboy into a babygirl. How the heck should I know, but the DDFO illuminati-gang, knows? Yes, I said it, but I didn't mean to say it out loud (nooot!)... After many tarot card readings from one Danish source and Janine below and another, my Danish ND investigations. I.e., 3 different sources, Margrethe II of Denmark is a goner. And we're starting to wonder if the Danish PM has already been picked up by White Hat special forces and so is Simon Cowell (there are many rumors about Cowell, rumors that come from within the Illuminati itself; it seems likely that Cowell is playing a far more significant role within the New World Order than many believe, perhaps a long-term task handed to him by the Grand Masters)... Now, you might understand that as we speak, an estimated 500,000 seal indictment has been unsealed and a estimated 2,7 million awaits worldwide arrest spree? President Trump has declared January 2020 as a Month Against Human Trafficking, though there was already said to be over 144,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation, the majority of which contained charges of pedophilia - one of the main reasons for the trafficking of children... London police to take ‘no further action’ on sex abuse allegations against Prince Andrew after review - give me a break - the real Andrew, is dead already, rumor has it... PS: Video was published May 8th of 2021 so the six months has pasted and rumor has it, Denmark, has been cleansed by WH ops 1 month ago... |

Mette Frederiksen defended Joe Biden and criticized the EU. Now the story goes around the world
- (photoshopping added picture - check the shadows)  

Check out the appearing white line when using crop image or made or simple, a actor with silicone mask the right side and blue dress.?? 



"In the past, The Danish Monarch, was a deep state cult, a stronghold, fighting NOT to be taking down. In particular Queen Margrethe II is fighting to have her "lifestyle" and it's gonna take some time, before it could be cleaned out by white hats but will be brought to justice - within 6 months it looks like from the cardsThere's is a lot of children taking out of there, a lot of it is happening underground, as Janine can see. There might be human hunting parties and the land should be taken away from them if their land is used for that purpose. This Queen is born a male and that is a big sign of cult families and it goes back many satanic cult generations. The White Hats are here in Denmark to infiltrate, but it's a big big mess and it took them awhile to get there! The Royal family is really hanging on to their "lifestyle" - their "reality"  and considers us danes as cattle! There's a battle between the Good guys and Bad guys control, and the Good guys still have a  ALOT of work to do there!" ~ Janine


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