Oct 11, 2021

πŸ™‹πŸŽ–️πŸ’– ~ (OMG! if this is true - joy all over he World before x-mas!) Utsava Updates 10-7-21, 10-10-21… Highlights from “The countdown is on! EBS is on… Everything is go” & “It’s happening!!!” (kpblog.space) ~ | Blogger: In the latest Benjamin Fulford update, he basically calls Donald Trump a (traitor), and not the man to lead the US back to democracy and independence, because he was bailed out by the Rothschilds each time he went bankrupt as a businessman and now, General Michael Flynn has been asked to step in for the job of interim president of the US following the formal bankruptcy of the USA Corporation... Well, snap out of it, BF, that doesn't resonate with me, at all at SoTW... I wanna stay positive, no matter what happens!... We are ready!.. Bing it on!... |



I’m getting these out right away, as I’ve sensed we are very close to big things coming into view, and these two updates share some “Utsava data” about what we are entering into. Aligns with the last 107 interview (related Kp blog post).

Some may be interested in the three images Utsava posted (links at the end of the 10-10-21 update).

As before, I’m only posting a few highlights, with the full articles available via subscription. Feel free to discern for yourself regarding this information.

The full articles are available to those who subscribe to her Buymeacoffee page.


Rescue pictures. The countdown is on! EBS is on. We are back and everything is go,go,go! (highlights)

“Last week there have been mass arrests of voter fraud. I have stated that the US military has been and will be taken [taking] over ‘our system’. Someone has posted a video where they tracked a package of the US post office and it said US military on the tracking number. Since a lot of voter fraud was conducted via the post office, the military can seize it.

“They are trying, right now to shut down pages such as CNN or Facebook without shutting down the internet. The military will be attempting to have the internet on during the EBS, but bring pages down which are part of the Deep state…

“Last monday a lot of sites were down. The routers were removed. A lot of sites have been switched to our new galactic system.

“We need to pray for each other and keep the energy high in a peaceful manner. If we attack another patriot we are only hurting ourselves. PENANCE is coming. JUSTICE is coming. Courts, lawyers, police officer, judges etc. will have to stand down. We will be going back to Constitutional law, to the gold standarts and the Quantum free energy.”


It’s happening!!! Update (highlights)

“…the three gorges dam in China, that is bursting. The other day the dam collapsed and flooded several villages. The flooding and other events reveal that the end is here of the ‘old earth’ and the new earth is coming to the surface. The EBS is near and we are watching several cathastrophic events on the horizen.

“it has been confirmed that Four Tsunami waves are about to hit the east coast. [Kp note: Tarot by Janine has mentioned that her cards told that these waves would “poo out” and not cause major damage.]

“…cathastrophic events… will lead up to the EBS. It will need an emergency in order to trigger the EBS. However, we won’t have another war.

“There will be a peaceful resolution with Taiwan and China. I see them shaking hands and coming to an agreement.

“The Biden Administration is in its final stage. It is almost over (official version). Donald Trump has been back since August 22… It was also confirmed that all Supreme court judges, except one, are gone, as I had predicted would be happening, for a long time. These judges have violated their oath.

“The uprising world-wide is evident. Big fascist pharma is exposed, which is necessary in order to bring real cures to the People. Med beds and other technologies, as well as therapeutics and natural medicine will become mainstream soon.

“[Three interesting images] IMAGE 1 IMAGE 2 IMAGE 3


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