Oct 30, 2021

☠️⚔πŸ”₯ ~ (The 'Good military' is fighting back: Hold the line) ~ | Blogger: A looong time ago I used to serve in The Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) and Danish Air Force Police (Air Police, Security Police, Security Forces, K9). Actually I was drafted but specifically wanted to work as a K9 military specialist in VΓ¦rlΓΈse Air Base. The hotspot at that time. The Cabal playground unfortunately. The Army (real) Military Police, considers us, like nothing and nobodies. But we controlled all secret VIP airspace territories going in and out, from Danish Queen to foreign dictators. We even protected the "brass", generals and commanders DCD-building and secretly cold-war NATO-Vedbaek-Bunkeren. It was the ONLY hotspot to be at in the late 1980's. And I love it there, until, I was "memory wiped" because I saw stuff, I was not allowed to see. I only have a handful old friends left in my life, but one has sticked around, he also were serving same unit as I. Would I go to war and kill for my country - no. But, I'm still a Patriot and would do everything in my power, to make the world, a better place. Even if it had cost me my friends, daughters and a wife. To make sure I live my life by the book For God & Country. To be unselfish and live by "Service to others"... |



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