Oct 30, 2021

☀️😡‍πŸ’« ~ (Prepare for Impact) Sun Unleashes Large Solar Flare Which Could Lead to Spectacular Auroras This Weekend: Experts (theepochtimes) ~ | Blogger: Schumann Resonance Today ⚡️ Power 27. A powerful X1 Solar Flare occurred at Oct 28 at 15:35 UTC, lasting 31 minutes. This Major x-class solar flare created strong shortwave radio blackout centered on South America. We can expect another major CME (coronal mass ejection) slated to hit at noon ET today, Saturday Oct 30 or 18.00 CET. Spectacular auroras this weekend. There’s some speculation that the Earth Alliance, lack of a better word, may use this CME as a cover for the EBS and all that follows it. Start or during COP26 UN Meeting Glasgow Scotland. The incoming solar storm of high-energy photons clean and clear density, replenish the human aura, transfer Source consciousness into your DNA, rebuild your crystalline cellular structure, activate the dormant Soul codes and templates, and fuel the physical body. Tomorrow is Sun. 31 Oct. Occult Halloween. POTUS tells us he is turning the “Friggin Christmas Lights off and it will be a Merry Halloween @MarALago.” Mr Pool image shows Facebook shutting down #ExpectTheUnexpected #SpaceForce. Remember, for many countries, 31. oct 2021 - Daylight Saving Time Ends. You might think it unlikely that the switch to daylight saving time (DST) could throw your cat or dog's busy schedule - eat, sleep, eat, sleep - off-kilter. Just like humans, animals have internal clocks that tell them when to eat, sleep and wake up. This biological timekeeper, also known as circadian rhythm, is set in motion by natural sunlight... |



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