Oct 30, 2021

⚕️❤️πŸ™‹‍♂️ ~ ('AS THE other doctors remain ignorant and cowardly silent') SPIKE PROTEIN IS THE BIOWEAPON... TRUTH DOCTORS BELOW (Telegram - SPIRIT GUIDE & PROJECT CAMELOT) ~ | Blogger: Old video but still valid from 2011, where Nancy Banks speaks about the autoimmune reactions and so much worse things coming from especially children receiving the jab in those days... If you wish to learn more on the NEW CV-19[AI] Franken[Stein] Graphene[Black Goo] Vakk[Zines] using genetic engineering, utilizing gene therapy technology and more, listen to one of the latest videocasts by Dr. Carrie Madej (below)...PS: The Brighteon video is very unstable... |

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