Oct 22, 2021

🌋🌊⚠️ ~ (FIVE vents now from same volcano) FLASH: Canary Islands Government Warning Citizens To Prepare For 6.0+ Earthquake And Massive Landslides (HAL) ~ | Blogger: (from local reports) Tell me - if this is so dangerous, why are the govt sending kids to (some) schools remaining on the Island of La Palma and the airport returns to operation???... According to Tarot by Janine card readings and Clif High, it will NOT be as devastating as described. In fact, it will stop 6 miles from shore, if any tsunami will occur. And no, SoTW, do not ONLY rely on Janine and I personally do not like Clif predictions (sorry)... Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy, on the other hand and HAL looks at things from a "Doom and Gloom" sensational scenario, so is a so-called contractor-geologist working at La Palma, who has said earlier and I Quote: 📑WHEN the volcano decides to fall it’s sides, it will release enough power to produce a tsunami large enough to completely wipe out every major city that is within 20 miles (US) inland and roughly 32 kilometers (EUAF) bom the broadside connection to the Atlantic Ocean📑... Some even say, that La Palma earthquakes followed by the volcanic eruption were traced to a “Haarp array” based in Norway. This comes after the three gorges dam in China came under heavy pressure from “once in a thousand-year flooding,” earlier this summer... Simon Parkes however, are not sure, if the (HAARP) facility EISCAT - Ramfjordmoen, Near Tromsø, Norway is still in operation, or who now has ownership. But Simon would be surprised if the bad guys still had control... No matter what happens, we need to sent protection calming prayers to the volcano and residents of the Island of La Palma - 💜 Stay Safe Every one🙏... |


"This warning was issued because the government now has irrefutable evidence of ground water intrusion into the active volcano" (HAL):


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