Oct 22, 2021

⚔️⚠️๐Ÿ‘€ ~ (BREAKING) Reaching The Tipping Point (Simon Parkes Official ) ~ | Blogger: [๐ŸคœAs CC-member I have been informed by CC-DK on Simons high alert and what's going on but I cannot share it on my blog! Most of the things he already have published in posts and videocasts and Simon, has a NDA, so not much has come out๐Ÿค›] ... Simon has issued several posts yesterday and especially today, about troop movements and Russia going into parts of Ukraine to take back Ukraine - part of the second phase of the world wide operation to rid the Earth of the cabal.. President Trump to move to a secure location before the weekend and Simon has put CC coordinators on high alert late last night.. Some hold that the Queen of England will die before any military action can take place, others say that's not required either way we're reaching the tipping point very soon...PS: As always use your own Spiritual Discernment... |



Trump to launch new social media platform TRUTH Social


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