Sep 27, 2021

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Source: Jennifer Crokaert

J: Hi Ashian, as you may be aware, the energy is all over the place and those of us who are holding the light are tired and overstretched – that’s the kindest, shortest version! What can you say to help us along?

A: Greetings and blessings to all who feel this message.

J: Actually, why do you say ‘feel’ and not read?

A: Because when you (or any channel) channels a message, you draw into the field of consciousness a particular vibration; the higher that vibration is, the greater its resonance and the more people are affected by it, even if they have not read the channel.

That is why being thankful is good, because gratidude changes the amplitude of humanity’s vibration. That’s also why we would encourage you all to do free writing/speaking/drawing/dancing/daydreaming, because in your creativity, you are channeling; you are drawing down insight and vibrations from higher dimensional aspects of yourself and the ‘invisible team’ that work with each of you.

J: That’s brilliant! Thank you. Now I know you’ve discussed the ‘invisible team’ with many of our clients, but I think it would be great if you could explain that to those reading this blog.

A: A wonderful suggestion! Many humans are aware of the concept of a ‘guardian angel’ or a guide that stays with you through your lifetime, through all your lifetimes indeed. This is only part of the truth.

You all work with a team, far more than just one being. Every person has a team, which can vary in size, but eleven beings is not uncommon for light workers. That team includes about three members of the ‘global team’, for example Ascended Masters and Archangels with whom you have a special connection, this could be Mohammed, Jesus, the Divine Mother, St Germaine, Krishna, an unnamed aspect of the Divine, as well as any specific Angels or Archangels with whom you feel a sense of connection. They know you, and they work consciously with you and your energy.

Also part of your team is your ‘personal team’; these are often members of your soul family, your galactic family, higher dimensional aspects of yourself and any other higher dimensional beings with whom you share a specific connection. They help you to develop your talents and to remain as true as you can to your lifeplan, but they never take away your free-will, expect in the instance of protecting you from something that is not your karmic balance.

You see, you are never alone! They do not intrude, often working with you when you are asleep, daydreaming or your mind is occupied deeply in a different issue.

The beauty of this is that you can develop a much closer relationship with them; you can ask them all to give you a hug at the same time to uplift you when you feel tired or depleted; you can ask them to assist you in your day – for example by helping you to see the best decisions with clear insight, or to help you develop your intuition. The possiblities are endless: the invitation to work consciously with them is open to you. Enjoy your partnership

J: That’s wonderful Ashian, thanks. I think so many of us feel battered, tired and worried that we aren’t doing well enough.

A: The fears and doubts are ‘thought blankets’ that have been used to undermine humanity’s intuition and ability to take action. The more you follow your knowing – even if you’re not 100% certain, but only 55% certain, then go for it! – the more you destroy the vibration of that ‘thought blanket’.

J: Do you mean a kind of programming?

A: It’s more than that; it’s programming – like radio, television, memes, apps, songs, advertising, gaming… – but it’s also a distorted lower vibration that was ‘beamed’ into your planet. If it was just a low vibration, many of you would have been able to raise yourselves above it as you evolved; but, by making it a distortion, they managed to make it more ‘sticky’, the distortion made it significantly more difficult to rise above it and to evolve beyond that way of thinking.

J: So are we there now? Beyond/above it??

A: Yes, and the system has been dismantled. What is occuring now is like the fading of piece of music as the song ends. It’s weak and you can easily rise above it by focusing on the good and the positive.

J: Wow! Ok, this conversation did not go in the direction I thought when we started, but I think we covered a lot! Thank you.

A: It is we who thank all of you for your perserverance and commitment. Our love is always with you.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2021

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