Sep 27, 2021

πŸ§‘‍⚕️🀒 ~ ('Our children are sicker than other countries') Former Merck Sales Rep Brandy Vaughan Speaks From The Grave: The Truth About The Criminal Circle Of Vaccines (Video) ~ | Blogger: Thanks to my holistic ND for sharing is caring...πŸ™|

Former Merck sales representative turned anti-vaccine activist Brandy Vaughan was found dead in her home in December of 2020. She had been exposing the dangers of vaccines and been a vocal activist against Big Pharma. In a video produced in 2015, Vaughan provides a summary of how she came to see what was happening to people, especially children, via vaccines and how Big Pharma controlled 30-40% of advertising of the Mockingbird media and thereby controlling what was reported on their drugs and what was not.

Silenced By Murder: Vaccines Are So Advantageous That Those Who Expose Big Pharma Are Stalked And Then Murdered!
This Woman Died In 2020 Attempting To Warn The People About Vaccines, Big Pharma Pimps & The Propaganda Arms Of The CDC & FDA (Video)
The Mysterious Death of Vaccine Safety Advocate Brandy Vaughan (Video)
PCR Testing & The Mysterious Death Of A Vaccine Safety Advocate

In a more lengthy presentation,Vaughn revealed the dark side of Big Pharma

She also recounted the methods of intimidation she faced as a single parent in her own home from those who tried to silence her.

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