Sep 27, 2021

🛡️🛐⚔️ ~ (The battle is still raging) Food Shortage Has Started (The Prisoner) ~ | Blogger: ... (SoTW) Once again... Don't panic... If you do - a new 2020 lockdown toilet paper shortage kinda situation... Will global lack of food, fuel and semiconductor deficiency and also on cardboard that can create long prospects for world consumers far worse than expected?... You see, there's a Spiritual warfare and i'm not talking about the Christian concept of fighting against the work of preternatural evil forces... It's aggressive ET's and their earthly minions against Earth Alliance and Light Forces from places in the universe we're never heard of... We are NOT out of the woods yet... 💯(PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!)💯 If I may add, CC had themselves a special Sunday treat from Simon Parkes & Dr. Charlie Ward in Denmark, and the final blow is yet to come... Simon and Charlie have been waiting for Audit from Arizona and that MSM had said that they would convey the right result. It has not happened! On the contrary, they still proclaimed Biden as a winner.. If "they" (ET's, Dark Hats etc.) don't set things straight and play ball, lack of a better word, there will be 7 days without the Internet and 3 days without power. There are 10 underground Tesla plants that cover the whole world and we will go over to FREE ENERGY! (makes sense since oligarchs is in panic mode right now and prices on oil, gas and electricity are going up and up).. After that, a "Presidential Announcements" over TV / Broadcast over 5 days, with videos and information will be coming out.. Simon expressed that he was VERY surprised that nothing has happened yet! He had expected it would have happened in summer of 2021. He was not disillusioned, but it is a much harder struggle than some of them had anticipated!.. It will take 2 years before everything is implemented.. There is still talk of economic collapse (also to awaken people). Simon doubted the part, as it will go beyond my man. But it is in the cards that it is very imminent... (there's much more - I'm not sure it's allowed to share more notes from the 1 hour update for DK CC members only)... |

"The news is starting to broadcast the food shortage...problem is if they are reporting on it... It is already too late." ~ The Prisoner


Global shortage of food, fuel and products about to get far worse

Mike Adams

You may have already noticed surprising shortages of food, fuel, home care products and even vehicle parts. But based on what we've learned over the weekend, it's about to get far worse.

The collapse is being engineered and accelerated, and the mass deaths being caused by covid vaccines are now decimating the labor pool that runs factories and deliveries.

Making it worse, we've learned that half of US employers plan to push vaccine mandates on all their workers, which means the entire US workforce is about to be assaulted with a deadly biological weapon.

Notice that non-workers are subject to no such requirements. This is how Biden is murdering the productive members of society as a kind of sick, twisted purge to eliminate those who are still willing to work.

See the full story in today's feature story by Ethan Huff.

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