Sep 29, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Galactic Tyranny: Pif Paf Puf Magician) Official Trailer for Galactic Federations, Councils & Secret Space Programs Webinar (Michael Salla, Ph.D.) ~ | Blogger: I have meet Michael Salla twice, Alex Collier, both, strange and goofy guys.. T.L.Keller, was kinda normal, but tell me, how, exactly, did we come up with what counts as 'normal'? I have not meet Salla's wife, Angelika Whitecliff co-founded the Exopolitics Institute and if you're going to put your faith into the family of Salla, you also need to trust, Corey Goode and David Wilcock (Emery Smith). Not to mention, Elena Danaan and Megan Rose... After that, you need to believe in the guardianship of The Ashtar Command, that is the Peace Corp of God, Angels of Light known as the "Legions of Archangel Michael", on the Angelic Level and embodied on earth, in human form, who serve God and whose current mission is to dismantle the MATRIX, the controlling program of Lucifer, to control and limit humanity... All I know is, that rumor has it, that Dr. Salla is/was working for Cabal, maybe still alive, so did Elon Musk, and has somehow surrendered to the White Hats, some say (also Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson)... Oh man... I really wish we could get some clarity, disclosure and focus on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.. I'm sick and tired of this game... Especially after, nobody hasn't got any clue anymore who is "real" or "CGI-deepfaked" into our Matrix of illusion or reality or overtaken by "B or C-list" actors in Hollywood, 500,000 sealed indictments and 2,7 million arrest so far. Joe Biden is who he is? - get a grip on yourself. Visit and lookup "Jan Harzan" - picture is made by CGI 100% for sure or Mette Frederiksen, PM of Denmark, in New York... There's nothing wrong with my heart chakra, intuition and gut feeling, but there are far too many variables and one day, a person could be your best friend, next day, (lying deepstater Adrenochrome addict). We know the UFO-community has been infiltered by CIA and MIC-SSP five fractions, to undergo transmutation, in order for humanity, to be leading into the Golden Age of MedBeds, Free Energy and 5D Revolution.. PS: DID YOU KNOW, that Jan Harzan, head of the Mutual UFO Network, was arrested July 3 2020 and was accused of soliciting "sexual activity from a detective he believed was a 13-year-old girl.?"... |


I’m delighted to announce the official trailer for my upcoming webinar, Galactic Federations, Councils & Secret Space is now available. Enjoy the historical tour of how different galactic federations and councils have intervened in human affairs, and interacted with different space programs. All done in five minutes!

My heartfelt thanks to my incredibly talented wife Angelika Whitecliff for creating this official trailer.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.


Your September MUFON eNewsletter

MUFON CASE by T.L.Keller
Black Disc Lands in Ohio Cornfield?

October 19, 2019 5:30 PM

Case 113459: Joshua [last name withheld] was driving north toward Columbus in the late afternoon. Passing a cornfield, he what he thought was farming equipment In the field turned out to be something else somewhat more exotic. Joshua claims that the black object rose from the field to just above the tree line and hovered for a few seconds. It then “then slowly started flying away to the north”. Joshua claimed that it “appeared solid”. Unfortunately, there was only one witness to the landed craft. As far as that is concerned the official report states that the object was “landed on the ground”, but the landing was not observed.

This incident took place near Kingston, Ohio, about 35 miles south of Columbus. Kingston is also approximately 70 miles east south-east of Dayton, the home of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Looking at the original photographs, there appears to be an aura surrounding the object. This is confirmed by the enlarged photo below. Was there a mist, shroud or aura around the object or is that an artifact? We shall see what the MUFON field investigator discovers.

Joshua’s testimony is as follows:

“I was driving north on State Route 159 north when I saw something in a cornfield which I thought was a piece of farming equipment. As I got closer, I noticed it was hovering and ascending straight up above [the] tree line. [T]hat’s when I slowed down my vehicle, grabbed my phone and started snapping pictures. I looked around to see if there were any other vehicles in the area and noticed I was the only one. I was able to snap 8 pictures. The object hovered above the tree line for a few seconds [and] then slowly started flying away to the north, and I headed on to my destination.”

Case Disposition: Assigned (to a MUFON field investigator) This case is under investigation by MUFON and does not yet have a determination as to its authenticity.

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