Jun 18, 2020

👁️ ~ 💗 What's Coming? (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉20/20 vision: We're starting to see the Great Split, says Ralph Smart! A lot of people will go further into the Matrix "programmed" (3-D Matrix of Illusion) and even become the "machine", the A.I. The Cyborg, the human Robot, and Fearfully and Blindly accept Authority Govt, but there will be those, who will STILL reject all of this COMPLETELY! 20/20 vision is telling Ralph that the nextgen Contact Tracing App will soon to appear, that are able to tell who's being vaccinated and who's not, says Ralph! It's gonna be the new "normal" for our kids and next generation of control! 1st the Corona then Race wars next and next thing, until a totally collapse of Humanity emotionally, because Cabal and the MASTER of inorganic entities (A.I.) needs to control Humanity. If each human wakes up to see we are all ONE humanity, ONE race, ONE planet and look at ourselves as our own MASTERS or POWER, trust our Uniqueness, reject Authority, there will not any longer be need of the Governments etc. etc. it's GAME OVER for the Cabal! A few months time, the Financial Collapse will be a reality and "people" will be FURIOUS!.. Listen to much, much more great talk from Ralph Smart!👈]... SoTW has of course said this many, many times, but repeat is good, especially if it's true. But it's aaaaaall up to you readers out there! I have made up my own mind and disengaged the Matrix years back. It was "tough" yes it was, but now it's all on YOU!. Will you be "slave" to the Matrix "Machine City" or disengage and be "reborn" from the Matrix into the real world and fight for the last human city ZION?... |

Source (Infinite Waters Diving Deep)

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