Jun 18, 2020

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From the Mouth of Babes…

Greetings my friend,

I have a story for you.

I’m walking into Costco without a mask. “Ma’am, do you have a mask?” I do, I say, as I continue to walk in without a mask. Now minding my business on an empty aisle, I hear a voice say “Ma’am, I’ll need you to wear a mask if you’re going to shop in the store.” I get closer to him, look him straight in the eye, and say, ok, but why? It’s store policy ma’am.
This is how our conversation went… (btw, he’s a key person, management of some sort, a nice guy around forty years old)

Me: I understand you’re protecting the company and just doing your job, but on the real, man to woman, what are you doing? You know these masks don’t protect us from a virus. Besides, COVID is not a virus, it’s a bacteria. It’s crazy that you have to wear this mask eight hours a day…
Him: mostly nine.
Me: Oh my gosh! That’s so detrimental to your health. Don’t they care about their employee’s breathing in their own Co2, causing brain damage and bacteria build up in your lungs?
Him: I know, believe me, I hate wearing these masks all day, but I have to feed my family. I want to move up and have my own store.
Me: I understand, but every employee here is sacrificing their health. You guys should get together and protest. Present the facts. Ask why the company is supporting this Luciferian agenda. You’re stronger in numbers.
Him: I know. Some employees have refused to work. The company has changed its sick leave policy down to nine days. It’s never been like that. It doesn’t make sense. I have had to stand up against company policy that didn’t make sense when we allowed shoppers to come in early while forklift drivers were moving pallets around.
Me: I had a friend who had a forklift accident where the lift went up his behind. (as you can see, we’re bonding)
Him: A lot of these policies don’t make sense, but I have to follow them. But in reality, all a person has to say is that they can’t wear a mask because of health reasons. There’s nothing I can say to that. We have to let them be. We’re not allowed to ask why.
Me: That’s exactly what I was going to show you!
Him: Oh! Well then, enjoy your shopping and have a great day!

He walked away without saying another thing! And there you have it! Your get out of jail free card! If you’re done with the lies, back-peddling from the CDC, and you KNOW this whole epidemic is a sham, use the card. Put your full faith and trust in God. Walk with confidence, and don’t allow anyone to bully you or put a guilt trip on you because they don’t know the facts.

But wait, there’s more…

Now at Ralph’s, I’m in the parking lot and I see a woman about my age, with a friendly demeanor, fussing to put on her mask as she’s walking in. I walked toward her and ask, how do you feel about these masks? She said, Oh, I hate wearing these damn things! I proceeded to share my Costco story with her. We laughed and she said I’m with you! We both walked into the store without a mask and shopped with confidence. We spoke a few more times before parting ways, but I said, I lit the match girl, no go spread it! What a doll she was. Oh, I also told her the short story of me and Ty hugging at the checkout! Hahahaa.. we laughed.

Now checking out, the checker didn’t say a word to me about the mask. I smiled and said have a great day. Before I left, I turned to see my new friend at checkout. She was smiling and laughing with the checker. I smiled with a happy heart. This is how we love each other.

I trust that you will share this story with your friends and family as a good thing. I realize there are still those who are not aware of the truth and believe there is still a virus to fear. To them, we show mercy. But for those of us who are awake, we must push back and challenge the system.

Thank you for being here with me. I love and appreciate you.

Miss Merrilee


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