Jun 9, 2020

⚠️🏴‍☠️ (PSYOP? FALSE FLAG ALERT! BUSTED!) Obama Foundation tweeted about George Floyd 1 week before his supposed "murder". It was faked by crisis actors to engineer revolutionary riots, video authors say (NN) ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰Here we go again! I'm NOT saying this is 'True-True', but please be open minded! You need help to FF ops and Sandy Hook? Try Ole Dammegard or professor, James H. FetzerπŸ‘ˆ] ...I'll been studying 'False flag' hoaxers, since 9/11... You can say, that I have tried my utmost to become aware, awake and restore my "insanity" looking for clues, that leads to the TRUTH! The chaos theory, the butterfly effect, mandela effect connecting the dots... Now, NN with Mike Adams and many others, have claims that involves crisis actors from 'Sandy Hook'? and much more... Buuutt, people will never believe it... It just gonna hurt to much... People in 2020 are still making excuses for tyranny, that is a phenomenon that permeates every society... Stockholm Syndrome; Humans on prison planet Moder GAIA are 'Hostages', that often become permanent true believers in the cause of their 'captors'. In other words, people are likely to become 'permanent true believers' in the cause of those who wield extreme power over their lives... SoTW have lots of articles about the 'School shootings' on my blog... Sandy Hook has become colloquially known as the Sandy Hook Hoax or Sandy Hoax, the first false flag in recent history to be exposed as an entirely fabricated event, replete with a fake setting (a fake school) and fake victims. It marks the first in a series of false flag hoaxes where fake victims and fake victims’ families (crisis actors) have been used. Since the majority of people still cannot fathom that Sandy Hook was a staged event, the template of using crisis actors has been used again and again (e.g. at the Boston Marathon) etc. etc. etc... |

Mike Adams
Everything you're seeing now -- the riots, the abolishing of police, the media narratives -- was staged and pre-planned. The "death" of George Floyd was an engineered theatrical event, planned in advance, and we now have the proof.

The Obama Foundation accidentally tweeted about Floyd more than a week before his death. They couldn't remove the tweet without raising suspicion, so now they rely on censorship from the tech giants to cover up real history and brainwash the masses into thinking Floyd's death was a spontaneous event, not a planned psyop.


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