Jun 9, 2020

πŸ€―πŸ“Ά☣️ ~ China aims to install 600,000 5G stations by the end of the year – reports ~ | Blogger: OMG! And Cobra, with all due respect, are saying, that "Elon Musk, is in essence a positive being who has been subjected to Illuminati trauma based programming and now wants to break free, as you can see in his sometimes unusual tweets"... Guess what, Elon Musk is/has been a DS / NASA asset (good or bad) and FCC has just approved SpaceX to deploy up to 1 million small antennas for Starlink ambitious network of about 64,000 5G satellites... BTW - On top of that, we know for a fact, that EU & UN is signed up with China, to allow the loss of privacy and complete control of big data, that means totalitarian social control by 5G, IoT and A.I (Neuralink Corporation)... Cobra from the (pleiadian) resistance movement is right about one things, that is, AI and Blockchain Technology will be, like a devastating wildfires sweeping the world (like SoTW has said for years - this article has nothing to do with Cobra)... I mean, the 5G technology platform integrated with IoT, Control / Surveillance, Googles, IBM and NSA's Quantum Computer Mega-Data-Centers and AI algorithm, together with Blockchain Technology, has the potential to save EVERY single keystroke you put online. They then use it to PROFILE you specifically and then keep a RECORD of everything about you, what will then of course become, THE GLOBAL CREDIT SCORE SYSTEM. To DIGITALLY control & regulate --- EVERYTHING --- and EVERYBODY -- that of course will go into the A.I. and into Agenda 21 (UN Agenda 2030), Bill Gates ID2020, Microchip mRNA Vaccinations, Event 201, to internet, to travel to marketplace to your movement around to massive surveillance - you name it - they got it - You don't believe me??? Guess again, i'm not being freaked out or paranoid, this is what the aggressive master-race of AI and 4th dimensional beings are aiming for, with all the human globalists of henchmen, helping them - unless - We The People, stops them... Welcome to Transhumanism - The fourth industrial revolution... |

Source (RT.com) 

The number of 5G base stations that provide access to super-fast wireless networks is set to more than quadruple across China in 2020, its industry and information technology ministry has revealed to local media.

Around 250,000 units are currently operating in the country, offering services to over 36 million users. China plans to speed up construction by adding nearly 10,000 new stations every week – a huge boost compared to 2019, when fewer than 2,500 towers were built weekly. By the end of the year, more than 600,000 5G base stations will be completed, covering all of China’s major cities.(READ MORE)

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