May 19, 2020

πŸ¦ΈπŸš€πŸ¦Ή‍♂️❓ Newsletter: Asgardia on Discord: Digital Nation Launches Official Chatrooms & More ~ | Blogger: [🀩PR Stunt: The First Nation In Space, Ever!! 1 Million People From 200 CountriesπŸ€”] ...{Expansion of humanity, free democratization in space nomatter skin color, race or social classification} ... AT FIRST, it was a really great idea and achievement, to be able to start a (privately) owned Space Nation in LEO... Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, a russian billionaire, scientist, businessman and politician of Azerbaijani origin... Has he gone rogue and become the villain, Hugo Drax?... Because, who (really) owns Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in Space?.. Did you know, that most countries has a "National Space Agency? Including Denmark (DTU Space) with war profiteers like Terma A/S and Sweden (The Swedish National Space Agency SNSA, Swedish: Rymdstyrelsen), which is very vital part of ESA & NASA's secrecy in Space (Terma A/S)... Has The European Space Agency ESA, NASA, DARPA, NSA, CIA, USAP, USAF, and SSP or any other dark foreign powers lured us into a trap?... Everything comes at a price.. Citizenship / residency yearly card fee (€100) x 25 years x 1,000,000 = billions... SoTW 'were' actually one of the first danish people to sign up and undergo a very long and difficult terms of agreements etc. etc.. Asgardia is a would-be nation of 1,000,000 people from 200 nations, which hopes to establish its territory in space within the next 25 years... Buuutt, a problem exist... Asgardia, Bezos, SpaceX, China's plans for the Moon, Mars and beyond & India attempt to Land on the Moon in September of 2019, fresh new travel by 2020... Blah Blah Blah... When I see that money changes hands with NASA - I DON'T TRUST any project or prospekt... WHO controls the Space - NASA and several others in the Secret Space Program Factions, Top Secret Black Projects and Unacknowledged Special Access Programs etc... As an example, Asgardia-1 was boosted to space and then deployed by US companies on a NASA-funded mission so the satellite falls under US jurisdiction... THEN Asgardia was suddenly represented in (Rothschilds owned) World Economic Forum at Davos in January of 2019!! WHAAAT?... You be the judge... |

Dear Asgardian,
The Asgardia Team invites you to our new official Discord!
Here, you can get direct access to the team and Asgardian officials, get insider reports on new developments straight from the team, stay up to date on all official announcements, follow our social media channels and, of course, talk to fellow Asgardians from around the world.
In addition to the #asgardia_chat and #off-topic_chat, we created the #multilingual_chat — a place where everyone can finally talk regardless of their English level! We want to provide a platform for each Asgardian, no matter what language they speak.
Interested in getting more involved with Asgardia? We’re launching our #volunteer_center on Discord, join the mother ship and get perks like honorary Residence and more!
Start chatting with Asgardians from around the world right now!

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