Apr 15, 2020

🧘‍♂️ ~ πŸ’— LeeHarrisEnergy: The Activation of Planetary Awakening: 2020-2030 (Channeled Message) πŸ’•~ |

Source (LeeHarrisEnergy)

Experience a few moments of The Activation of Planetary Awakening: 2020-2030 MP3 in this stunning visual trailer created by Rebecca Hall. This groundbreaking audio recording from Lee and Davor Bozic also features their original song, All Who Walk the Earth, sampled here. Enjoy! ❤️ https://bit.ly/planetaryawakening

This channeled message and sound healing was recorded during the #COVID19 global health crisis, (for which Lee also recorded a special Energy Update) wherein he asked his guides, The Zs, to offer information about nine themes that would come up during this extraordinary time on Earth.

They shared that this worldwide crisis situation is going to be a great reveal - and that 9 to 12 months from now things will be very clear to us - but in the now, we have to BE with what’s happening - and allow the internal process that we will go through to be as supported as possible. There is a vast shift in the frequencies around us. We are burning off fear and receiving love, clarity and intuition like never before. What we are going through is an awakening experience, but unlike the personal awakening experiences many of us have had, this one is global - so the intensity of it is more all encompassing. (READ MORE)

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