Mar 12, 2020

🦠 ~ A Pandemic - and 30,000 US Troops to Europe (Without Masks) ~ | Blogger: [OMG! Just what SoTW recently stated on Verdensalt] ... (In other news:) The government has now said that EVERYONE in Denmark is a potentially carrier of the virus and the DK-lockdown, allows the authorities to isolate people and break into people homes, without warrant, just like SWAT in USA... PS: Thanks to Max Egan for sharing this video with the (possible) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Hoax!... |

Italy Ramps up Lockdown:
Italy's Three-Foot Rule: Passengers and Shoppers Keep Their Distance After Entire Country Goes Into Complete Lockdown: 
Trump Suspends Travel from Europe Over Coronavirus Fears: 
And He Sends 30,000 Soldiers TO Europe Without Masks:

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