Mar 12, 2020

πŸ‘‘ ~ Her Majesty the Queen's 80th birthday is canceled due to Corona. The King, Frederik returns Home from 3 months vacay in the Alps of Verbier, paid by taxpayers money and the many million paid for expensive (secret) cottages, military meetings and Norwegian Royals in quarantine ~ | Blogger: Ohhh how sad that is... Even the rich of the richest are now affected as well... God Save the new King who don't give a (george bush) about the people... PS: Her Majesty the Queen has returned this evening from her annual winter holiday in Norway. Has she been infected? King and Queen of Norway quarantined with norwegian ministers. Strangely enough, Canada’s Trudeau SELF-ISOLATES, gets tested for COVID-19 after wife displays ‘flu-like symptoms’, while Trump, met with Brazilian who tested positive and is infected himself, many claims... |

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