Mar 12, 2020

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Source (Chloe Hudson)

You have finally cleared Mercury Retrograde season. There is much to celebrate as the erratic and anxiety laden energy of this past month begins to dissipate and resolve. An opportunity to enjoy the birthing of the Age of Aquarius is here to taste test for awhile. I hope that it serves you well. :)

Frequency manipulation is common practice these days. As is the understanding that all is frequency. This includes thoughts. As frequency manipulation becomes more advanced, there comes a growing need to be able to protect the frequencies that are our thoughts.

So much of what we have thought of as science fiction has rapidly become our current reality. The idea of artificial intelligence reading and measuring the frequency of our thoughts may have seemed preposterous to many. We have watched examples of this in mainstream cinema and television. Though now many of us have tangible evidence of this exact experience happening. There is a growing realization that artificial intelligence applications are extracting thought form frequencies and using them to target personalized advertising. I have experienced this a few times now. I have thought of something only to find it appear in my social media feed, or web browser advertisements as soon as I access those platforms. 

Considering that we have already accepted that this is a current A.I. upgrade being implemented in the mainstream, how do we counter it? How do we outsmart the machines? These counter measures are now imperative to implement if we want to maintain some level of privacy within our own mind. Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot offers a spy skill called white snow. When interacting with potential thought monitoring technology, such as customs clearance procedures, one can clear their mind and focus on white snow. This offers no pertinent information to the A.I. that is targeting the thought forms.

Another method she speaks of is offering illogical thoughts. Artists are more adept at this process. Thinking streams of abstract and illogical thoughts offer no useful information to the A.I. technologies. Exercising etheric force fields is also a necessary practice that many of us have been implementing for years. I am currently in Los Angeles. When I walk by the massive Scientology compounds, that span a block or more, I implement an energetic force field. I take care to protect my head and crown chakra. I can feel and sense the monitoring and energetic imposition moving towards my crown chakra.

These tools are important protection mechanisms that are best suited as daily techniques. By far the most important practice is the ability to shift out of mental space and into heart intelligence. Accessing the internal core processor of the heart offers the most resilient and reliable protection to the anti life artificial intelligence. The heart has the ability to engage and communicate with the mind in a way that does not expose thought forms to intruding technologies. This is a practice that requires exactly that.. Practice! Our hearts have built in protection mechanisms that supersede both our minds and the programs of the machines. Nature knows best.

Manipulating frequencies is a part of everyday life. If we understand how to use this to our advantage we can level up. We can protect ourselves and counter incoming invasive technologies. Our lives do not need to be coerced and sold to us through the exploitation of our own thoughts. Implementing consciousness and awareness will always assist us to command our energetic space.

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