Mar 9, 2020

💥 ~ Interesting Experience On The UK's M1 Motorway... (SP) ~ |

Source (Simon Parkes Official)
Yesterday while on the M1 motorway my car broke down.
I managed to get onto the hard shoulder where a car had just recently collided with a truck and the police were already there.
While waiting to be got off the dangerous road via the breakdown crew, suddenly both sides of the M1 had no traffic, followed by a truly eerie silence.
Then a police car with lights activated went past, slowed down and counted the cars in the emergency reservation.
Odd I thought - Then more police cars and a large convoy of military medical units went past
with the police following closely behind.
Then after a moment the motorway was re-opened and the traffic continued to flow.

The car and truck that had been in a collision all had soldiers inside it!

Later at a service station coaches arrived with more soldiers.
I grabbed a moment to get into conversation with them and learned that from all over the country soldiers were being called up for a weekend emergency practice drill - Playing out what would happen if there were many thousands dead from the virus and that the equipment that I had seen was a field hospital!

You know how things are meant to be?
The car broke down and I saw the convoy - Otherwise I never would, nor would I have had the chance to talk to the military on the coaches.

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