Mar 9, 2020

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Hello Friends!

On Friday, March 13 to Sunday, March 15, I will have my Sixth Annuel Galactic Wisdom Conference in Olympia, Washington with some famous ET contactees and spiritual healers, including: 
  • Simon Parkes (famous ET contactee from England),
  • Alex Collier (Contactee from the Andromedia Galaxy),
  • Michiko Hayshi (Emoto Peace Project, Tokyo Japan, and wonderful Hado water healer),
  • Tom Paladino (Famous Scalar Energy Healer),
  • James Redfield (Famous Author, Celestine Prophecy),
  • Dr. Gerald Pollack (One of world's most famous water professor and discoverer of 4th Phase of Water),
  • Bllie Woodard and Zorra of the Hollow Earth,
  • And many others! 

You can live stream the entire event for only $50!  See:

Or please come in person!  Cost for the entire conference is just $197 or $100 a day, with discounts for seniors and low income.  Also no one will be turned away for lack of funds, so please come if you like and meet some amazing and incredible people!

I hope you can all come to the this world class healing and ET event!

With lots of love and light,
For a planet that's happy and bright!
(509) 750-9793

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