Mar 13, 2020

✨ ~ πŸ’— COBRA: Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation Videos πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: [πŸ€ͺ"Everybody is talking about the Endtime Madness and right now, we're at the Center of the Storm" ~ SoTWπŸŒͺ️] ... (SoTW:) AND, the Coronavirus stuff is only a front for other covert stuff going on under the radar. You know this right?... SoTW do not believe there is a serious threat like they say... Will Cobra's mass meditation help?... Mass mediation, attracts positive energy and raises your own and others vibration, that dimmer the negative energy flow or creates a glitch, in the Matrix or Earth gridlock and the aggressive fourth dimensional entities, hates that (if you believe in that stuff)... The never-ending infighting among Starseeds, even within Soul Families is a Mirror of that fight between Light and Darkness. We need to Heal, we need Peace. First within, of course and next is to reach to a Spiritual Level of Collective Consciousness, as MASTERS of divine Angelic beings, and Mother Earth, The Freewill Planet... GAIA is the spiritual name of the planet Earth and is a spiritual being in her own right... We are all protected, you know that right?... Godforce, God Source, Godhood, Creator, Spirit, Universe are all names for a Supreme Divine Being who is Omnipotent (all powerful), Omnipresent (all present) and Omniscient (all knowing)... |

.... Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus activation videos have been created in more than 30 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!...(..)

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