March 20, 2020

📉 ~ BREAKING: Legend Pierre Lassonde Makes Gold Price Prediction After Reading KWN Article Stating Interest Rates Have Gone Negative In The US ~ | Blogger: [🔔"$2400 gold is coming!!!” — Pierre Lassonde🔔] ... {"I bet you, that my collections of silver coins, will be worth more than Bitcoin, which has dropped, at the end of 2020 ~ SoTW"} ... Waaaauv! SoTW have bought silver coins from 2 european suppliers and BOTH, has N-O-T-H-I-N-G, in stock at the movement (Currently not available)... Over the last three weeks all hell broke loose in worldwide financial markets sending basically all asset classes into a dramatic crash. While Gold reached a new all-time high just a week ago it now trades significantly lower. Of course, the Gold-buying spree from Govt entities and Central Banks, will make a looot of money. Has the Corona Virus Panic pinned the "everything bubble"?... |

Source (kingworldnews)

On the heels of reading the KWN article stating interest rates have now gone negative in the US, Pierre Lassonde made a prediction about where the gold price is headed.

Legend Pierre Lassonde sent King World News the following communication after reading the KWN article stating interest rates have just gone negative in the United States for the first time in history:

“$2400 gold is coming!!!” — Pierre Lassonde

Link to the KWN article on interest rates going negative in the US: CLICK HERE.

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