Oct 22, 2019

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’— The Stages Leading to Enlightenment and Ascension (thenewdivine humanity + video) πŸ’• ~ |

Stage one ~ UNDERSTANDING that reality is the result of ones own consciousness as the CAUSE.

This consciousness (cause of reality) is the combined frequency of thoughts, beliefs, fears, emotions, subconscious memory held as karmic energy impulses as well as the levels of harmony or disharmony within the mental and emotional bodies.

Stage two ~ UNDERSTANDING that everyone else’s actions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions have nothing to do with you or anyone else. IT is all based on their own frequency, which is their own cause of their own reality. 100 percent.

Stage three ~ Understanding that happiness, love and abundance and any other quality, state of being or virtue of consciousness is not based on the external. It is based on the CAUSE ~ the combined frequency of thoughts, emotions, levels of heart awareness, harmony and so on as listed above.

Stage four ~ You become aware of being responsible for your own level of consciousness. Your own thoughts, emotions, feelings, levels of harmony, and disharmony.

This then becomes the awareness of you to you. This way of Being is hot based on the external or anyone else.

When you have graduated through these stages and live knowing this as a constant state of awareness, then you have freed yourself from the constraints of non truth and have matured so much so. in that, you are recognizing in every moment you are the cause of your reality.

When you realize these things fully. It becomes easy to adjust any mental patterns, emotional patterns that no longer serve you.

This is where the levels of ascension and the initiations associated with ascension come into full play. Now you are aware, awake, enlightened and willing to align the old patterns with the new enlightened self to be then the next level Ascended Master on Earth.

The form then begins to dramatically change and adjust the central nervous system to higher light frequencies so as to align with the true reality at the highest level of consciousness. All form is MADE of LIGHT frequencies.

You then easily adjust your mental patterns, emotional patterns and you live through the higher truths of CAUSE and you take responsibility for what frequency you are being. What states you are vibrating AS.

Then you fine tune your frequencies so as to BE the Higher Self, Cosmic God Self, Ascended Master Being, that is eternal. That knows its form is all light and never dies. This brings the ascension pattern and its full awakening into play as the one that walks the Earth and all worlds consciously.

This is where this is GOING. As in experience and your evolution.

We initiate you now and activate any dormant DNA that is not fully realized as that which form is, that which cause is, that which it is, eternally. All now, in love.

We The Divine Council of Overseers are with you. In this now, we activate.


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