Oct 22, 2019

📶 ~ China to lead global 5G revolution, reaching 600 million subscribers by 2025 (RT) ~ | Blogger: [🤚RED COMMIE WARNING : While Germany to keep door open to Huawei 5G technology, ignoring pressure from US and China's Xiaomi says plans to launch more than 10 5G phones next year, it seems to be unstoppable😟] .. PS: The Danish Energy Agency announced that Denmark has completed its auction, which started on February 19, of the 700, 900 and 2,300 MHz bands, raising a total of DKK 2.21 billion (EUR 296 million). For what concern the spectrum in the 700 MHz band, the frequency will be available for use from April 4 2020 and the licenses’ duration is 20 years.... |


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