Oct 25, 2019

🌤️ ~ "Chemtrails" do NOT exist. CONtrails do exist. Please try to learn, and understand, the difference acc. to our authorities. Something that does "NOT" exist, versus reality ~ | Blogger: [🤔Trump Promises end of chemtrails & Matthew Ward, making sure, that the spray that forms chemtrails no longer has toxic elements☠️] .. IF TRUE, why are Denmark and other countries, still spraying long-lasting condensation (chem) trails consisting of chemical or biological agents left in the sky by high-flying aircraft, sprayed for nefarious purposes undisclosed to the general public?... |

Taken today (Oct 25th, 2019)... Compelling new pictures from the North Zealand of Denmark ... 
They will do everything in their power to hide the the Real Sun (and use Sun simulator in front) - Solar radiation management (SRM)... |

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