Aug 30, 2019

πŸ‘― ~ Prince Andrew ‘knows what he’s done and should come clean’ Epstein victim says (METRO) ~ | Blogger: [🚨The pressures of being a celebrity and sexual teen predator. May justice be served. Immunity or not⚖️] ... PS: (UK) "The royal prerogative is a body of customary authority, privilege, and immunity attached to the British monarch (or "sovereign"), recognised in the United Kingdom. The monarch is regarded internally as the absolute authority, or "sole prerogative", and prerogative the source of many of the executive powers of the British govt". " (EU) "Parliamentary immunity is not a Member's personal privilege, but guarantees that a MEP can freely exercise his or her mandate and cannot be exposed to arbitrary, political persecution"."(Danish Parliamentary immunity - parliamentary inviolability - non-accountability. S. 57 of the Constitution Act) - About 10 years ago Jeppe Kofod had to resign all his political positions within the Socialdemocrat party, due to a huge sex scandal. The new Foreign Minister was in 2008 partici- pating a socialdemocrat party event, where he during the evening had sex with another girl of just 15 years old. The girl was also member of the Socialdemocrats. In Denmark the minimum sexual age is 15 years, thus Jeppe Kofod did not commit any crime according to danish law????😟... PS: Why are a naked boy caught jumping out of Buckingham Palace window and nobody is talking about this???... |


Parliamentary immunity
Royal prerogative in the United Kingdom
Denmarks new Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofoed’s sex scandal with a just 15year old girl is haunting him
DENMARK Folketinget (The Danish Parliament)

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